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    Peter Ross Anderson - really, really, mean it this time. No backsies.

    Spudanus's regular monthly quitting the internet, quitting forums, never discussing RE again post, this time on Neoseeker.
    Hilariously, someone 'cool story bro'd it and the fuckwit took it at face value, as encouragement.
    Even for potatoface, it's a long-winded rambling turd of a post that doesn't justify wasting space quoting it in full here; The usual delusional pap, and wouldn't normally warrant a mention, but I was genuinely confused by this bit:

    Quote Originally Posted by Highland Spring
    But in all seriousness, the fan community for these games is so queer.
    Now, if this was anyone else, I'd assume this was just reflecting the regular baseline homophobia native to the incel communities that fuckface likes to post in, but the cuntwomble has been quite notable for its lack of homophobia up to this point.†
    The smegstain obviously struggles with communication and often resorts to weirdly anachronistic and archaic slurs. I would speculate that this is possibly because its only significant socialisation seems to have been via its demented late grandmother, console game NPC interactions, and early 20th century horror movies. Given that context, I'm wondering if this was meant to be 'queer' in the 19th century pejorative sense of the word?

    † I don't think that the fucker showing no signs of homophobia is in any way a redeeming feature - I think it's just that Spudanus' misogyny is so extreme, and objectification of other people so entrenched. I suspect that the odious little shit just wants a hole to fuck and is somewhat vexed that these fuckable holes come attached to other people, especially if those people are women - so the concept of an asshole it can fuck without the unpleasantness of it being associated with a woman is intrinsically appealing to the cunt.
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