While we wait, unfortunately, we can still expect to see insightful gems of geopolitical analysis such as this:

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Osama bin Laden was a black bastard. He never shaved. He was always in his jammies too.

Well, 9/11 was sad and people shouldn't mock that dark day for Amerians. But I half blame the shite security in U.S. airports for how it played out, as well as the FBI for ignoring prior warnings about the hijackers, how they got visas and were able to blend in, etc.

How did these Sambos get on four jets with mace and box cutters anyway? I keep thinking that if items like this had been disallowed on commercial airliners, maybe they couldn't have gotten away with seizing the aircraft to begin with. But meh.

The sad part is, fags nowadays probably don't even know what the fuck the Twin Towers were to begin with. Outside of 9/11 articles, they used to appear in a lot of movies and games set in New York City. Then they got removed from things made after 2001. Stamped outta history, almost. So I guess bin Laden work.
Poor Spudanus can't even do racism right...