No, I didn't dodge them. Dodging implies I don't have answers. I ignored them because of the insults that accompanied the questions.

For your first question, the answer is me. I followed my doc's advice, to the letter. I eventually got completely off meds and stayed panic and med free for 10 years. Had a flare up about 10 years ago and went back on med / therapy for awhile then went another 10 years. Today I'm turning the corner on another flareup, on meds and seeing a therapist. I'm on the road to recovery and I expect I'll be back off meds again in relatively short order.

I don't believe the problem is a lack of treatment options. I believe a big part of the issue is a lack of adequate insurance coverage in many cases. I'm fortunate in that I can see my doctor and therapist whenever I need to about my issues without any significant out of pocket expense. Many are not so fortunate. I can afford to keep trying different things, which is what I did until I found something that worked for me.

You and I have a fundamental disagreement. You believe these problems can be cured. I don't. I believe you can manage them to the point that they no longer affect you. But the potential for a flare up is always there.

It's OK that we disagree as long as we both have the same goal. Which I think we do. To help other people suffering from these issues. What I do have a problem with is insinuating that one knows more about treatments than a trained professional. Like I said, I find that approach to be misleading at best, and dangerous at worst.

Now...I've answered your questions. Can you respond without insulting me?