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    A request for Tips on exposure

    Hi, ive suffered from panic attacks for the last 3 years, I've been doing CBT and have increased my comfort zone but mostly by walking/biking, the next step is getting the bus again which didnt seem that much of a big deal at first but i just cant bring myself to step on to it, especially when you know your going to have a panic attack(negative thinking), the worst sceanario is that i have one and everyone is looking at me and i have to emergency open the doors and then struggle with more overwhelming panic attacks trying to get home.
    so far i have travelled about 8 miles from home to the next town which was fine even though it'd take me a hour/hour and a half, to get home if i needed to!
    which i was pretty impressed with. Hope this is in the right place! thanks

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    You should be very happy with yourself. Keep taking baby steps forward and if you get a setback......take heart...... they happen. You're doing allot better than many with PA so that's a reason to be optimistic. Alankay



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