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    It's important to address issues like this as early as possible. It's harder to get out of a situation that you've been in for so long as you might get used to it and feel that it's normal.

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    just checking in, I have not found a cure, I think the cause though, is from a manic episode I had back in December of 2020.

    I still occasionally yell, I haven't caught myself doing it in public as of late; and only periodically while driving. I notice I do it at home, on occasion, when intrusive or ruminating thoughts happen... I think I am doing it, as a soothing or distracting method to I guess combat the intrusive/ruminating thoughts; maybe.

    Or sometimes I feel so lonely, and I burst out in a yell.


    I guess it beats doing something harmful.

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    I had a friend of mine years ago who used to yell very loudly in a car or a similar place when he became stressed. He called it an Indian yell. He said he felt better afterwards and less stressed.

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