I'm currently 3 terms in to my first year of study at a university campus in my home town, and so far I am failing almost everything. It's not so much an attitude of laziness or disinterest, far from it. It's the anxiety I get when on campus leading me to not concentrate and having no idea what I learned by the time I get home. My anxiety is getting so bad that I'm avoiding school. I didn't go to school (or didn't leave the house at all, for that matter) for 4 weeks in May-June this year. I am currently seeing a counselor on campus about my problems, though it is debatable whether or not this is helping.

My underwhelming results at school have led me to question if on-campus learning is right for me. Thing is, I am being funded by the government to go to school, so reducing my study load to part-time study isn't an option unless I get a job, and a job is the last thing I need right now.

I have found a uni in Sydney that can take me on as a student as early as November via online correspondence, and what classifies as full time study there is only half the load I'm doing now, so I can lighten my workload and still be funded. My previous study record isn't taken into consideration, so it will be a fresh start completely.

My only concern, though, is that if I start studying online, will this enable my avoidance behaviour? At this stage, I can only make predictions, but if I don't HAVE to leave the house to go to school, will I bother leaving at all?

If anyone has any opinions on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know, at this late stage, what the alternative would be for my study options. The only alternative i can think of is to gracefully fail this year and try again next year on campus, but I won't be any better off and my GPA will fall.