“Very pompous...”

She and her sub LadyBellaBird or thelilprincessa (AKA Jodie Matheson, from Glasgow) are very abusive, especially towards men. They get other people online to dox you or post lies on X, then act like the victim. Certainly best avoided. Scarlet Domina was once one of the top dommes in Britain at one point, but is now a lazy part-timer, trying to relive her glory days. I had Bella signing up to a mental health forum, making out she was this James. Her user name there is rainbowtoast123. Once, Bella sent me a sarcastic email about shooting a horror movie in her estate up in the Highlands. Never did her any wrong. Was just trying to offer an apology on AdultWork.com and arrange a future session, but I was ignored. Then she called the pigs and a lawyer in Tayside, just to tell lies.

And by the way, my foreskin is still not in control. It went into full attack mode at the post person.

Peter A.