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    The fuck is all this bullshit about, you fucking shitstain? You've been told to leave this board and not come back. Yet here you are! Again!


    And you need to piss off as well, Peter Ross Anderson.
    Peter Ross Anderson's Address:
    2/6 Greendykes House, Greendykes Road
    Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom EH16 4JJ

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    Peter Ross Anderson is a one dimensional villain

    Quote Originally Posted by The Scottish Pedro View Post
    Ponder actually believes I'm Gimpy...
    I'm beginning to wonder myself. I mean, everything about Peter has the hallmarks of a badly written villain in some shoddy second-rate horror B-movie:
    • One dimensional;
    • Poorly written, repetitive dialogue;
    • physically repulsive;
    • No logical motivation;
    • No character development;
    • Terrible, terrible acting;
    • Keeps coming back in pointless unwanted sequels/remakes.

    Let's face it, no real human could be quite as shit as Peter, could they, so the notion of the whole thing being just some poorly thought out performance art character has a certain appeal.



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