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    Question Is this agoraphobia?

    If I go along streets that look like they are on a hill, I get really anxious. I'm not keen on heights. I cannot go over high bridges. But it's okay if it's over water, on a train. Otherwise, it's hard to not feel nervous.

    I know I'm okay on a street as I can't fall off or anything, but it's not a nice feeling. The adrenaline kicks in too easily.

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    Hi Pedro. I would say given that your fear is based on having an anxiety attack or losing control in a specifically situation, that the scenario you present falls within the category agoraphobia. Just as autism is a spectrum disorder, so to can the severity of agoraphobia be considered in degrees. That is to say because you have agoraphobic tendencies or traits in a given scenario, that need not mean one warrants a diagnosis of agoraphobia. Such a diagnosis would depend on the level of dysfunction in relation to daily living as well as the regularity and triggering causes. Agoraphobia is listed as one of many anxiety disorders.

    For instance the difference between social anxiety and agoraphobia is:
    The difference between agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder is that a person with agoraphobia fears having an anxiety attack or losing control in specific situations while a person with social anxiety disorder worries about experiencing embarrassment or judgment in social situations

    What Is Agoraphobia

    Many of these disorders can overlap which is worth baring in mind depending on the chronic and complex nature of individuals cases.

    Sorry for the long answer Pedro. I don't know how to do short answers. ← However, in this respect I don't consider my long-windedness as a disorder.

    Life is a disorder.
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    Many years ago my younger sister developed agoraphobia for a period of time. When she graduated from high school she had what I call a nervous breakdown and refused to leave the house for an entire year. She eventually snapped out of it on her own and later turned to illegal drugs and eventually overcame that obstacle too.

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    That thing I find, is, that, if you give in even 1 day and don't go out, its harder to beat and easy to make excuses to not go out ...1 day turns to 3 days and weeks sometimes. I have to force myself to go somewhere, sometimes. Not easy sometimes.



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