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    Highly Sensitive People: Dr. Orloff NPR Interview with Larry Mantle on Emotional Free

    Highly Sensitive People: Dr. Orloff NPR Interview with Larry Mantle on Emotional Freedom:

    I'm going to share my take on the good doctor because those that don't know her and rely on mainstreamers will recoil given her strong focus on intuitive healing.

    My Take:
    Not all gels well with me as the amount of religious ‘love and light’ element (that 'appears/seemingly') can really turn a lot of people off, myself included – BUT – there are nuggets of Gold to be had with this psychiatrist’s take on healing. She’s different from main stream but border line new age which I find as toxic as main stream. That said – I’ve had positive experiences in the past taking on the essence of her messages.

    She is not into fixing people and recommends that many of us sensitive types actually reduce the number of people in our lives. She talks about creating positive shields and whilst much of the information is for the overwhelmed goddesses among us (excuse the sarcasm) I find her angle on energy psychiatry much more effective with me than the usual prescriptions that I have tried many times. Perhaps both methods might be worth a try? Whatever works I can respect. Just mixing it up is all.

    At any rate if you want to learn how to cut people out of your lives ( often misunderstood and adds to the problem of division) or more appropriately how to not take on the worlds pain – she is worth a listen.

    For all the mental masturbation we all go on with – there is a deep focus on nature with this doctor’s desired outcomes. Talks about getting in touch with our primal nature and so on. Yet another facet that works very well for me. At least when I am writing on such things drawing from my own experiences when dwelling in such voids – I know just how well such works for me.

    Once more – despite the strong vein of new age religion that seemingly runs through these presentations and that being a part of the marketing / clientele / marketing - However, it does help to stay open which is the opposite of mainstream.

    The above take I wrote up when skimming the following link → Awakening Your Intuitive Healing Power Q&A with Judith Orloff Not for those whom are directed by white coats and news paper headings.

    So it was that I deferred to a book that I have listened to several times that is pretty much the basis for this doctor's guidance:

    Note* How quickly in the beginning of this interview she is to bring up the fact that highly sensitive people are often misdiagnosed. Let the games begin.
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