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    Re turning after the way for several years office website

    I haven't been on this website years read over this last winter do the covid 19 my old enemy seems to have came back to me with vengeance lost my job dude all that Calvin 19 stuff haven't been getting out much at all my main symptoms now I feel like it sometimes I'm about to faint I unstable and shaky I feel like I can sleep much I think so it's due to the winter time and the bags I haven't been able to get outside much feel like I'm afraid I'm dying I know it's in my head lately my doctors say everything is OK but sometimes it seems like does something there wrong with me I know my wife has been very good to help me trying to help me anyway I think some of the reasons why we get worse in the winter time discuss the lack of sunlight is Time of year what are they bringing anxiety and the lack of sunlight go hand in hand if anybody out there my help me will I will try to help them as well

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    It is great that your wife supports you. COVID-19 has done a number on all of us and we all have to try and do our best to get through it. Remember you can do it too and the key is to never quit or give up as things will eventually turn around.

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    Winter blues can be really bad, and yeah, you're right. It has something to do with the coldness and gloom. It's pretty comfy to stay inside and do nothing 'cause there isn't much to do outside, plus there's the virus.



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