hi, i'm new to these forums and everything but i was just really hoping to find someone to relate to, it's easier for me to talk to people i don't know in real life. some background, i'm 18 and i just graduated high school and i'm going to be moving about 2 hours away for college in 3 weeks. anxiety runs in my family and sadly it didn't skip me, i suffered from pretty intense social anxiety in my younger years, especially from the ages of 13-16. the most stressful part of my life was when i was a freshman in high school, everyone around me appeared to make the transition from middle school to high school easily and i had a lot of trouble. i would have small anxiety attacks almost daily, i was highly irritable especially with my family, and i couldn't talk in class without panicking. i had a lot of hair loss and gained 10-15 pounds during this time, it was not good for me at all and watching my hair fall out and weight gain honestly just made everything worse. it took me over a year to get used to high school and get over the transition. my biggest fear upon graduating high school was that i was going to go through that again and ever since my 18th birthday (on july 18th, it was my golden birthday haha) i have felt the anxiety begin to set in. my irritability is back and i've barely left my room. i really just need reassurance i think, this is so hard for me. i don't feel ready to meet new people and start over, all of my friends are nervous-but-excited for college and i'm out here exclusively nervous.

thanks for reading/listening at least, and if anyone has any advice i would appreciate it so much. i do see a psychiatrist and i had been seeing him every 3 weeks for most of my senior year and last week he scheduled my next appointment for 6 days later. so it's really going down haha. this is terrible