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    4 Yrs After Return to work part-time and then FT. Now Disbility is claiming Over Paid

    Its been 4 yrs and $27,000 since I last worked PT while on disability. In 2013 I went to work and began earning over what CA disability Insurance allows.

    My parents both just died and I was frightened and had tons of new maintenance responsibilities over an old house with a bunch of toy surprise problems.

    So I was so tied up in the post funeral stress and my head in The Clouds. I was not aware I could NOT earn over say $1050 dollars per month. I would go monthly in to the main SS Disability office, wait up to 3 hrs and make sure I always received a receipt for turning in my monthly proof of earned wages.

    This guy I would always "Double Check " with to see what was the max that I could earn and stay on disability. He told me I could earn up to $2,000 and remain on it still. Then after parents just died I put a bit of my inheritance money into my checking and savings acct to make sure I had some there too just in case.

    I read somewhere that in CA we were allowed to receive inheritance money and still be on Disability. Why did they charge me over payment then 4 yrs after the fact. Is this how our Disability here in USA, CA at least , makes a profit.

    Or; was this some form of an Inside job that some smart desk savvy person has come up with to bring me down in life just when I am Struggling so desperately to survive and recover from disabling Anxiety, Depression, and CFS, as well as very visually impaired too, and also recovering from neck and back injury too.

    I hope this is not some conspiring lil plan of my brothers to Finally bring me down so they may climb up the social ladder and toss me to the wolves, or make me end up as bad as them and in jail for SS Fraud.

    I have always done what I was supposed to. I earned my degrees, minded my own business, worked hard, and always turned in receipts to Disability in a timely and responsible manner. This just isn't fair. They had plenty of time to just stop auto-depositing my SSD payments to my bank, up to 3 yrs ago.

    Why they waited til now. I have had a 1 on 1, Annual SSD interview to report any financial or personal changes. I always reported exactly what was necessary of me to repotrt of my earnings, accounts, inheritance, living expenses. So why they wait 4 yrs and $27,000 later to emotionally OVERWHELM me.

    I still am receiving SSI. I dont know how to get them to Leave Me Alone. I chose to NOT return my info to them about my monthly earnings as I read that they would cancel my SSI if I did not report. So then I thought fine I wont report because I do not want their plan any longer and had no other idea how to cancel their coverage.

    They are still clinging to me 2 months after the fact that I chose NOT to return a query of my personal bank acct numbers and other personal because they were separate from SSD and I did not wish for them cover me any longer.

    What else am I supposed to do? Thats private and confidential information and I am Not supposed to provide that except for my annual reviews which I already do. I dont know who to trust in any longer in the gov depts. Some of these people are just very intrusive and so inefficient that I think they are delaying entering my personal data for their own benefit.
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    I am only a long time CPA, but if you were my client, I would advise you to consult with an attorney.



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