Really scared me. I checked in on him in his room and hes just laying there and acting like he did NOTHING wrong. Yelling so loudly he hurt my heart REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Volume that loud to me means that he seriously needs some stabilizing meds. I am here alone caring for the house and cant deal w/ this behavior of his.

I also need a pay raise as a substitute teacher here in California. I dont have energy for an extra p/t job and cant survive on$150 daily pay rate.

They make us grovel on a separate time card if we do work a 0 or a 7th period for the day and this is all really quite ridiculous.

We need to earn at least $200 daily as a pay rate. I EARNED an M.S. in Ed and I also attended college for 8 years, and managed to graduate w/ Honors from grad school too.

I deserve a pay raise not to be made to feel Extra Insecure from the new HR manager, or 1 that replaced the others who were also there for only 4 yrs at most for their tour of HR duty, or so it seems.