The house toilets all overflowed, as did my shower and tub were blocked and backed up w/ water from the toilets that had just overflowed. This is like 1 of my Major Anxiety Triggers. It happened right after i arrived home from gym, no problem all day. This annoying guy came to our door, homeless man, and I told him I was busy and to please leave. Then I get back from gym and this all occurred after my bath water triggered this huge bathroom mess, which grew into a disaster after I flushed the toilet. So then I had just taken a bath and had to change back into old clothes to clean up this mess before putting on my jammiez after I mopped up the mess and brother poured drain o down most of our drains. My wrists still hurt from the plunger actually NOT working. 1st time it failed to actually stop the water from overflowing until I turned the water knob behind the toilet OFF. Now must call plumber tomorrow to deal w./ the outside pipes as they have access to The Snake Tool. Ughhh, bills suck. Plus I owe this month for 1/2 on the house Insurance too. And I'm so tired from a LONG MONTH at work as a Roving Sub Teacher. Lord Have Mercy. Please help straighten out this mess dear lord, even on the day you died in history. Amen.....Is there a Name for this phobia of Overflowing Toilets???