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    Cool Lack of Financial Security is Killing Me w/ Anxiety

    I have a job where annually we must receive approval, even if we have been there 10 yrs or more, for another year of work. I work daily, but usually on call. This job does not pay quite enough. I really require to earn, as do most substitute teachers, at least $200 daily. We all are required here in the state of CA , to have a 4 year college degree, must have taken and passed a qualifying exam, been interviewed by a panel of board members-----way back in the "Day of like the 1980'z."

    I also have earned an MS degree in education though no PPS credential or a single subject teaching credential. However, most the jobs we substitute for are open to any substitute teacher who is on the list of active substitute teachers. The main difference is that anyone desperate enough to be a Long Term Sub must have an actual Teaching Credential Anyhow.

    So really the school district hires and takes advantage of these poor fools who have actual credentials and would normally be qualified to teach as actual Real Classroom Teachers. But as long term subs they do not receive benefits(fools), or higher pay(fools), or vacation pay(fools). What they do is manage to tempt the districts into using them instead of hiring and paying fully qualified regular classroom teachers for the entire decade or long haul of regular pool of fully fledged credentialed teachers.

    So the districts hire them , who take the jobs away from us, and therefore we miss out on being able to receive a raise because the district uses them and forgets about us and our need for a raise for being there at least 5 years or more, i have been there 20, though went back to grad school and also had 1 other job in between times of when i was originally hired.

    But see we cant get a raise when these other credentialed teachers are competing against us. They take the jobs where 1 needs credential after 20 days or 30 days on 1 assignment depending whether its special ed or regular ed. But they are being really taken advantage of and definitely not paid the wages which a regular teacher earns in district which is between $50K to $80K per year for a credentialed teacher.

    This makes me wonder why are they subbing REALLY? Are they just so RICH that they can afford NOT to earn more? We all deserve a pay raise, but they deserve to be paid as regular teachers and we subs deserve to earn at least $200 a day!And yes, of course I'm upset over not being able to afford a quality life with the 1 job 1 have.

    I dont have energy to go out and get a teeny bopper job eves and weekends. In my 30's perhaps, but now i have responsibilities after work from my 1st job, at home. I must take care of my home too. This is my 2nd job actually.
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