Hello! I have been struggling a lot with anxiety in college. I haven't been in college in the past two weeks because I experience intense panic attacks when I'm out of the house by myself. I get a bus to college and the journey is 40 minutes long. I struggle with the fact that I'm out alone so far away from home with the bus and its anxiey-triggering schedule being my only way home. The panic attacks I experience when I'm out on my own for college are the worst that I have ever had. I get extremely dizzy, I can't see straight, my legs feel week and I get a horrible sensation in my stomach. It just feels impossible to be out by myself without a safety person. Usually I just end up getting the bus home straight away, but the anxiety doesn't disappear until I'm back in my house. I haven't always been like this - I used to be fine with commuting and sitting through classes. But, about a month ago, this happened for the first time and it has made me afraid to go to college ever since. Logically, I know that I have gone to college on my own so many times and been fine. But logic doesn't make me feel better. I just feel so vulnerable.

Outside from when I have to be in college, I feel mostly fine and I am able to manage my anxiety. When I get a panic attack I can cope with sitting through it because it's never as intense as it is when I'm in college. I really need to overcome this as I cannot afford to miss any more classes. I like college and I really need to pass the year.

I know that I'm going to have to come to terms with getting the bus and going to college by myself. I know that just biting the bullet is too big of a step, though. I need to take baby steps, but the problem is that I don't know what these steps could be. Does anyone have any ideas that would help to ease myself back into travelling to and staying in college every day?

Thanks so much!