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    Quote Originally Posted by av1988 View Post
    Thank you for this wonderful advice! It is helpful to paint my own picture prior to responding.
    Yes. In a real sense, you are already flirting with these 'experiments'. Its happening at night during sleep when you become lucid and freak yourself out. That of course snaps you out of any 'other' activity and brings you back into the comfort zone. One of the biggest hurdles is to lose that fear, you see? Then you can 'explore' other aspects of yourself, and have fun with it !
    "Each person alive helps paint the living picture of civilization as it exists at any given time. Be your own best artist. Your thoughts, feelings, and expectations are like the living brush strokes with which you paint your corner of lifes landscape. If you do your best in your own life, then you are helping to improve the quality of all life. Your thoughts mix and merge with others, to form man's living-scape, providing the vast mental elements from which physical events will be formed"

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    Quote Originally Posted by av1988 View Post
    Hello! That was a doozie of a paragraph but it helped me better understand how you are feeling, thank you for sharing.

    Anxiety presents real physical symptoms. Anxiety can control you if you let it. Don't let it. When I had bad anxiety I would forget things very easily, and if I were in a conversation, I would hear the words of the person, but not understand a word they were saying. This is because your mind is racing much faster than you know. Your mind is moving in a thousand directions because it believes it's in a panic mode.

    Your symptoms are very common with anxiety and depression. You are not alone! I never suffered from depression, however I had SEVERE anxiety which developed into social anxiety, so I can relate to some of your stories regarding distancing family and friends.

    There's one part of your story I want to confirm.

    What country are you from? If you live in the United States, you can seek health care for very cheap. There are numerous clinics in every state that offer free sessions. These sessions are NOT psychologists who can prescribe pills, but they are people to talk to that can help you throughout your problems. There is always someone to talk even if you are low on money.

    You are not alone. And remember, if you ever have an anxiety attack, know that you've survived 100% of your attacks. You are undefeated against your anxiety!
    Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my-- as what you have said-- doozie post. I've always thought that I also have this social anxiety but of course, I've never gotten so sure about my self-diagnosis. But if you have or had it, I want to know how you try to manage it.

    I actually mentioned that I am from the Philippines. Unlike there in the US, I am afraid there are no clinics that offer free sessions for this problem. Sure there are lots of free medical check-ups and and treatments here, but they are all physiological. Mental health is not highly regarded here, I mean people here are not even so aware that we go through this kind of mind chaos. When you speak of mental illness, the only one they would think of is schizophrenia (and not all of them knows the term for it). Plus, teens here are usually happy with their lives and not depressed or anxious as I am. I just happened to understand myself and know that I was not alone when I saw a tumblr page wherein people, usually at my age share their experiences whenever they have had panic attacks and depressive episodes.

    Thanks for the encouraging words! I shall not go defeated by this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Im-Suffering View Post
    How cute is this ?

    Nice reply av1988.

    Congratulations on having the post with the most - self deprecating content i have ever seen DewDrop ! And also the cutest, most sincere, charismatic person ive come across. Very stylish writing, in a negative way, but endearing. The lack of paragraphs, and the typographical emphasis (purposefully) makes it, and you all the more lovable.

    Sure you have a flair for the drama. Everything is so over the top in your life you cant stand it.

    You actually hate being you to such an extent that you wind up in love with yourself.

    Keep up the writing, study literature and take side classes from anywhere teaching you anything and everything about it - join local authors groups, writing groups have fun ! You know you love it ! Jump in the deep end.

    Once you find your place in the world, all else will make sense. Inner beauty attracts people to you, so keep an eye open. Among all the self hate in words and descriptives - radiates a beautiful spirit within. This radiating inner person-hood overshadows whatever is perceived as a lack in either appearance or spoken word/thought.

    Let go of dogma associated with religion, live (find) your own code of ethics, you see. Examine your value judgments about who you are and the ideology taught to you about the world and your place in it. Release any false ideas in the mix or beliefs that make you feel badly about you.

    You are not innately sinful or somehow defective - the religious starting point of 'born sinful' supposes a life long journey to get out of some hell that you were born into, that the person you are is not good enough - you see. Nothing could be further from the truth. But, you must believe that as deeply as you believe it is true. Regardless of which or both parents whose influence instilled these ideas about reality. Parents are not god's, even though they might as well be.

    Hint: Whenever you feel bad, that feeling is only there to let you know it leads to a false belief, that once released/healed, you can feel good ! Do you understand?

    Now, develop your own self and personal power, by acting as if - you are already in possession of every characteristic you wish you had. Beauty, charm, grace, love, wealth, health..

    Good. End of post.
    Oh my glob!!! I tried so hard not to tear up as I read your reply in the office where I am doing my internship. I was also smiling from ear to ear and not to mention, I read it few times. I must admit though that I've gotten anxious for a moment on that "in a negative way" part.

    Thank you so much! Sorry if our religious views do not meet but I am so grateful with your advice. I'd like to really learn so many things but sucks that almost any classes here require some money. And yes, I do like writing but I don't think I'm really good at it since I have known so many exceptional writers that I cry sometimes. But my heart knows I am into the art of it.

    You are so kind, I hope you were not just saying the good things you have said to console me because I seriously am so desperate for it to be real. Wishing for an end to your suffering, as well. Take care!



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