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    Hello I am a stressed out college student who has been dealing with panic attacks, low self esteem and a general feeling of shame for myselfsince puberty. I have known about this site for a while and have always been timid about joining but I have been feeling especially crappy recently so I decided to give it a go. Since starting college I have made so few friends. It doesn't help that I have a crippling social anxiety and it takes everything I have just to leave my dorm room to hang out with people. I'm overweight and rather shy around any one of the opposite sex so romantic options have never been an option for me which always hurts. I have one friend which is great because we get along so well, but she is often busy. I tried joining clubs and I always try and say hello to people I don't know but nothing ever really comes out of it. People just aren't drawn to me. I have sleepless nights often because I'm so stressed.

    Advice would be nice from people with similar experiences but really I would just like to hear from people who understand what I'm going through. I feel so hopelessly lonely...

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    Hey there.

    Bunnies are cool, aren't they?

    College is a great time. It sucks that you aren't enjoying it as much as you should be. I'm wondering what you've done so far to get on top of your problem. Have you managed to delve into your mind with any type of therapy before?

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    Jesse! Do you remember me? It's been so long!



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