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    Very helpful advice. Thanks for the post.

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    hellooo, i am new here, i am from indonesia and 18 years old, i am not good in english and still learn it..

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    Good advice, cheers for post!

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    I was having so many panic attacks, especially from public speaking!!!!! I started using these things called Mantra Magnets. They're earrings you clip on that vibrate as a neuro therapy tool and reset your amygdala. I love them! They totally control my nerves during speeches!!

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    this is a great advice for everyone that we should not be panic and just focus to our self that we really need to healthy

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    I always try to focus on my breathing during my attacks, but usually I'm starting to panic about my panic attack and it's a vicious circle. I will try to calm down by sitting and waiting for it to pass. Maybe it is a way...

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    Very helpful! Thanks

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    Wonderful post!! That is pretty much the same thing I've learned to do to stop panic attacks also. I still get the anxiety but nothing like the PAs. Thanks for sharing, it is right on!

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    Informative post

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    Amazing and informative post.Thanks for sharing.



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