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    Is anyone else like me?

    Hi. I've been doing some research on agoraphobia, and from what I've read I feel like I'm a minority here. I just have problems with open spaces. I feel like there's no where to hide if need be. It started in college when I went from a city to an open campus in the middle of nowhere. Now I don't like to sit in the middle of restraunts and one of my worst experiences was when the clausterphobia member of my D&D group picked the table in the middle of the (huge) open gaming room for us to sit in for hours on end. I'm really having trouble at work now because they moved me to a cubicle that's open behind me and I can't see anyone coming up behind me. I'm not sure what to do, I don't have panic attacks, I just feel incredibly uncomfortable. Am I even in the right place?
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    Ladyrixx, I wouldn't consider yourself a minority anymore than anxiety disorders overall would be considered that. I don't have the same type of anxiety as you, but there are a few other agoraphobia sufferers who visit here. Have you looked into therapy or browsed a bookstore on the subject yet?


    p.s. I never thought of what would happen if an agoraphobic had to sit with a claustrophobic - I guess neither one would be content with the other's needs!

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    there is tons of info out on the net on agoraphobia that is very helpful....
    go to yahoo.com and search agoraphobia
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    I just read your post. I have anxiety/panic disorder. Its mild, not severe (well it depends when and where I am). I am usually pretty okay all day, the only time I get major anxiety is in restaurants. I how you feel, I usually get very nervous sitting down and being the middle of attention or eating where people are staring at me...I dunno it just makes me feel uncomfortable. That feeling of uncomfort is what gives me a panic attack. When I am in class I never sit is the middle of the class, it has to be close to a wall or on the end of a row (back, left, or right). It just makes me feel wierd being surrounded by people on each side.

    Well, I would suggest to first look up the symptoms of agoraphobia online and see how much they match your own. If you continue to feel uncomfortable, seek professional help (probably a psychologist) so that you can talk about it.
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    I definetly think your in the right place people here can offer you good advice and a ear to listen. It must be very hard for you I understand. Even though i don't havre agoriphobia I understand the anxiety you feel when you not comfortable in a certain situation. That happens to me a lot. But if your in a group that should help you. are you on any medications :?:
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