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Thread: Travel Fear

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    Travel Fear

    Hi Guys,

    I have got agoraphobia but am lucky that it doesn't interfere with my everyday life. The problem is that I am happy to travel to and from work and anywhere where I am coming back the same day, if I am driving myself, but I panic if I have to stay anywhere I am not familiar with without my own transport home. I tried to push my limits and managed to stay overnight with a friend in a place about 2 hours drive from home but almost lost it and came home.

    My boyfriend is my safe person but there are limits to that also. A few years ago we went to Hong Kong for a holiday and while I was fine on the plane (I seem to be ok when actually in transit) when I got there, I freaked out and we ended up coming home the next night! The whole experience was so embarrassing, I had to try to make an excuse to the travel agent of why I was changing plans and all the time I felt so terrified I could barely stand. When I realized that we were going home, I could relax a little and managed to spend a few hours seeing the area near us.

    I think I let down my family quite a bit, especially my dad as it was him who lent us the money and it basically ended up costing $4000 for 2 days!
    Since then I have had CBT but it is hard to find fitting exposure tasks as even travel over small distances is expensive. I really want to travel and have wanted to be a globe trotter since I was young. Does anyone out there face a similar challenge? I would love to hear Iím not alone. :?

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    Hey Boop,

    We've had some similar experiences. I was homebound Agoraphobic when diagnosed. Right before I turned 21. My parents dragged me kicking and screaming to a Therapist who luckily back then specialized in anxiety disorders. I went through hypnotherapy to start driving again. But my first real trip out of my house wasn't to the corner store. My family (Mom, Dad, and little sister) took me to Hong Kong. My parents worked for Northwest Airlines my entire life so I was used to flying and travelling everywhere. I still love travelling and will continue forever. But while I was in Hong Kong we went to Stanley Park on the island, took the ferry then a double decker bus. About 2 hours from our hotel. I had my first massive attack!! I wanted to go home, Washington state, not the hotel, but my family helped me through it. I cried but I stayed and it was well worth it. I'm glad my family was so supportive of something they could not understand and also glad they continued to push me. Keep your positive outlook. You WILL continue to travel and you will be able to enjoy it!!!


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    Boop Boopie Boop, you are courageous to travel long distances and on planes. When you have an opportunity, you should watch the tv show, Obsessed. I found it on Netflix and I became obsessed with the show, lol. I related to the individuals featured in the program. The therapists on the show practiced CBT exposures with patients. The majority of the patients experienced breakthroughs in their emotions.

    Although terrified, it shows your strength to endure long travel. I your love for travel will win over any fears. One day you will conquer Hong Kong.

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    *Your love for travel...

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    Boop, what kind of treatment are you getting besides CBT? I love to travel as well but it it weren't for the meds I have prescribed, I'd stay nearer home also. I don't like it at all but it allows be to see the world.
    Just to make it so you can travel have you ever considered getting a prescription for ativan or klonopin to have on hand so far from home? That way you'll be able to get past a panic situation like in Hong Kong. If you don't need it OK. I have a hunch you don't like meds but if you get can't get past it via CBT, etc, isn't better to have those trips with family with meds? Just a thought. Alankay



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