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    Red face dizziness, vertigo.

    Hi everyone!

    I am no stranger to anxiety and panic (and its odd symptoms) but have been managing these past few years until recently. After a period of anxiety 5 months ago I have had a loss of balance, dizziness, and sometimes spinning vertigo ever since. I have seen all the doctors possible to rule out anything like that.

    I am not currently anxious in any other regard. I know dizziness is a big symptom for anxiety and panic sufferers but specifically vertigo? I am not sure.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with chronic dizziness and vertigo related to an underlying anxiety disorder? Can anxiety and stress manifest itself into dizziness and cause vertigo if left untreated?

    I thank all for any comments or help and for reading this. I hope all are doing alright!


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    Hi there,

    My boyfriend has vertigo. When he's under stress, it can get bad. I even had to take him to the ER once because it was so bad and he was throwing up. He's had tests as well and the diagnoses are never consistent.

    It has to be stress. I have had dizziness & lightheadedness myself due to anxiety. It's very common!!



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