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    Does anyone have The Linden Methods 9 Pillars?

    I need The Linden Methods 9 Pillars to complete my anxiety program. Again like I said in a previous post, I had purchased the full Linden Method Download Version on my computer upstairs but it's so contaminated with virus's, spywear and malaware I can't use it and all I need is the 9 Pillars, I happend to remember making my lists and all the important information in the manual, making scheduales and lists and I have all the recordings on my phone but now all I need is the 9 Pillars so please if you have them please send them to me in a message. Now I'm not trying to make some sob story but I really need them b/c I havn't been to high school in 2 monthes and I'm ready to drop out b/c of my anxiety, I can't take my drivers test b/c of my anxiety and I've cut off all friends in my life due to social anxiety so I really need help. Again if you have the 9 Pillars from The Linden Method please send them to me in a PM b/c I'm trying to get over this and get back in school

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    do you still need this?

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    I downloaded TLM myself, there are a lot of different parts to it, but the nine pillars is all i am missing as well so I would appreciate it if someone could forward it on to me also. I presume it could be attached to a msg. I am sceptical but willing to try anything! Cheers.



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