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    Smile Important- info about the forums and me!

    Hi All,

    I wanted to say hi to everyone and tell you a little bit about who the final owner of the forum turned out to be, I know it was a spam nightmare around here for a bit so Iím glad I was able to get all that cleared up about as good as it can be.

    First let me start off with letting you know why the forums themselves changed. The forums used to run on a free open source platform that didnít have the type of spam management we needed to do a good job keeping the spammers at bay. With a smaller forum, spammers can be deleted manually, but when you have fifty spam posts a day it gets overwhelming and we needed something more aggressive from the software.

    To control spam and provide an overall better experience to everyone long term, we migrated to a non-free software platform that is used by many of the larger forums online. Once I became involved in the site this was the first thing I focused on, but it took about two days to move, so I apologize the board was down during that time, itís just how long it takes to move 100,000 members.

    Also, since passwords were encrypted, they need to be reset on the new software, so if youíre having any problems logging in, that is why. All you should need to do is click the ďForgot PasswordĒ link and you can reset it via email. Again, you should only have to do this once. I know itís a bit of a pain in the neck, but itís unavoidable if we want to kick the spammers out of here, so I think itís very much for the best and worth the few minutes of inconvenience.

    If you have any problems, please let me know using the contact form on the forum, not this thread, and I will do my best to make sure you get your issue resolved.

    Now a little about me...

    My name is Rich Presta and I used to suffer with anxiety and panic disorder for many years, and a little over 10 years ago overcame my anxiety and panic attacks. Sine then Iíve written several books and programs on overcoming anxiety disorders such as The Panic Puzzle, The Driving Fear Program, and others.

    When I was struggling with anxiety, having forums and a place to talk to others who understood what I was going through was tremendously helpful. Because of that, I want to ensure that people who are where I used to be continue to have places to go online to share stories, get advice, and just not feel so alone. I wanted to get involved in this forum so I could make sure it was taken good care of and remained operational for everyone that needs it.

    I donít have a lot of rules regarding the forum except be nice to one another, no spam, and no blatant advertising. What do I mean by blatant advertising? If youíre reading a book or seeing a therapist that you think is great and youíve been here for awhile, go ahead and post about it, whether itís my programs or someone elseís. However, if you have one or two posts and youíre posting links, thatís probably going to be deleted, so please contribute first and add some value.

    Yes, itís absolutely fine to talk about ANYONEíS material or programs that you find helpful, not just mine. This is YOUR forum, not mine, so talk about whatever you want.

    You can also find a link to a chat room in the forums, just look down the page, itís a link within the main forum structure.

    I generally wonít be posting in the forums, Iíll leave it to the mods to do what they think best, I trust their judgment, so please donít ask me questions via the forums, I wonít see them.

    If anyone has been here for a while and would like to be considered for a mod position, please let me know via the contact form on the website.

    If anyone wants to read my blog and get a sense for what I do, it is here:


    One last thing...

    Spammers and anyone who mistreats anyone else on the forums DO NOT get second chances. If you donít know how to behave on a forum, you get banned forever, itís very simple and very permanent.

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate your patience during the transition and I look forward to giving you the tools you need to have the best possible forum!


    Rich Presta

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    Thanx a ton for this invaluable forum....God Bless!!!

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    great thread, great person, thank you x
    worrier of all worriers

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    againg...great thread.... thankyou

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleighSuzanne
    againg...great thread.... thankyou
    Hi how's u

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    orning going to work because I had a panic attack there. So i feel like I might have an attack there again and people will see and think I am strange. Right now it is a struggle for me and I cry because I thought I was doin

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    Hi Rich:

    Thank you for all you have done.
    It is remarkable.

    Best regards,

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    Glad to be here. I made the mistake of posting a link to my blog in my first post. Wasn't trying to spam but just figured I'd do that to introduce myself instead of pretty much copy the main points into thread. I'm new to the world of online-forums and it's been relieving to see that I'm not alone.

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    I'm trying to figure out how I start a thread. I tried 3 times and it wouldnt post. Idk what i'm doing wrong

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