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    I want to say thank you Rich. I appreciate this forum. I am new here, but see lots of great information. This is such a huge contribution to people.

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    thx for making this forum/chat site. ^_^

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    Thank you for this forum. I have been reading through most of the thread for weeks now and only recently brave enough to register. My embarrassment towards my anxiety and panic episode had me cowering in the dark corner for the past 5 years. I'm looking forward to share my episodes and also read through everyone's posts and perhaps help as much as I can.

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    Thank you for the information and help you provide.

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    Thank you for making this forum. The people in this forum are friendly and has helped me overcome my anxieties. It is wonderful to have everyone support each other and meet people who understand what we are going through.

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    excellent site!

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    Thank you admin for adding me to this forum!! i see people on the chat but no one seems to reply.

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    Hi is the site still being updated and are there any mods still left I don't see any that are still coming here and is there a chatroom?? I am unable to find a chatroom and I am seeing a lot on the forum that is very old so what is actually going on?? Rich very nice site thanks but are you still around??

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    Don't know about any mods, but the forum seems to be pretty active and there's a lot of information and advice being posted daily.

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    yes it is a very nice site



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