Try this,
every time you get a fear about something, tell your self that what ever happens, You will deal with it.

So, every time you get a worry such as "What if they don't like me" or "what if the person I don't like is there" or "What if I make a fool of myself" or "What if it goes wrong" or "What if someone laughs at me" etc.

Just tell yourself, "What ever happens, I WILL deal with it!!!"

Most the time people worry about being judged by people who aren't half as decent as themselves anyway. And when the people are decent, then it is likely that they will not treat you badly anyway.

The way I look at it is if a person is being nasty because in essence they are nasty, then they can go fuck them selves, and the problem is all there's, even if they are bullying you and getting people to gang up on you, remember, it is the bullies that are the bigot ass holes and not you.

If you have done nothing wrong and people are simply picking on you with out good reason. Then you have nothing to be ashamed about. It is the bullies that should be ashamed.

In essence, remember these words. "Fuck em!"
Have a good day.