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    What is wrong with me and how can i get better?

    I'm 18, when i was around 15 i stopped going to school, stopped everything really. I cant remember much, it was all a blur. All i know is that i haven't really gone outside for 3 years. The last time was for half an hour in February.

    About the same time i started having palpitations and hot flushes. I did see a doctor who wanted to do a 24 hour ECG, but i never went back. I cant see how they're panic attacks because i dont get them when im panicky/stressed. Fizzy drinks and rapid movements sets it off most of the time.

    I get very lonely, ive lost all contact with my school friends, they're all going to university now and i haven't a GCSE to my name. I struggle to remember what i used to be like its been so long. Is that normal?

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    I think you experience memory loss. I also lost most of my memory regarding school & friends because I was so self occupied and basically living inside my own mind.

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    my suggestion for you would be a revisit to your physician and find out clearly and what happened actually!!

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    Dear Loki,

    When I was a teenager, I spent a year indoors. Everytime I touched my coat to get ready for going out, I'd start to feel unwell. Eventually, I stopped going out. My Mother was alive then. She'd done all the shopping and stuff. After a year I asked her if I could do the weekly shop. I did that and now I go out when I choose to.
    I think the thing a lot of psychologist focus on is exposing someone who's phobic to their anxiety. It's been proved that the longer the exposure is, the anxiety decreases.
    So take the rubbish out for the next few weeks as practice for going beyond that. The fear you feel won't kill you, and it's important you make steps to live outside your home.
    That'll be a huge achievement. You can start a thread telling us about your achievements. And remember you haven't failed till' you stop trying...


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    I strongly suggest you go to the dr. Considering your age and when the palps happen to you, its not anything with your heart. But u need piece of mind and once you get that reasurrance then you can move on to tackle the real problem which is your mind. Gladys is right start by taking baby steps. Try sitting in front of the house on beautiful days just to get the feeling of getting out. Maybe try going to the store to buy milk or something. Hope this helps

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    You haven't written in a while. I hope you're okay.
    What did you think of our suggestions? They're possible, know.
    Maybe you need something to look forward to; that you can aim for.
    What stood out in your post is that you'd missed an education. You know that isn't true entirely. You may not be at university where many of your friend's are, but you could consider an access course that would take you there.
    I know you're too young for adult education, in terms of an access course at the moment. However, you could find out at what age you'd be eligible.
    Then of course, you'd need to work towards getting out a bit, but you've got plenty of time for that.
    Let us know how you get on.


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    They've got some good meds that could help you. SSRI' and Xanax would help, I'm sure.

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    im so sorry your feeling this way. but you can get better, trust me! my anxiety is just about gone now. only a couple little symptoms hanging around. i became a member on anxietycentre.com. i am so thankful for that website! iv been following there suggestions for about 7 months. i just started a new job 2 weeks ago, and i have not felt this great since all my anxiety started. try the website,it's well worth the nine dollars! read my previous post and you can see how bad i was feeling compared to how i feel now. get books on CBT, start exercising daily, deep relaxation, find things to do to distract yourself from how your feeling, get a job. getting a job has done wonders for me. keeps my mind busy and helping build up my confidence. and if all else fails, medication can help with some of your symptoms whle you work on the underlyning problems. therapy will probably do wonders. but you can get over this, you just gotta do the right work!

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    You should visit your school for recollect memories of school days. Find out the mobile numbers or address of your old friends and meet them. You will feel better and energetic.
    Nursing Homes

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    Loki, long story short you need to "bite the bullet" and visit your GP telling them ALL your feeling/thinking. Anxiety can manifest itself in various ways based on the individual. I feel you may also be a little depressed. There is very good help for you and waiting won't do. Make yourself(I know it's not just as easy as that) but it's what you need to do. It's the first step to your getting better and am sure you want that for yourself. Message me any time.
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