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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahila View Post
    Ponder bumped old thread )
    Hehe. It has 14,000 views!!! Lots of people wanting to know where to buy a beta blocker!

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    Figures for such a Quick Fix!

    Totally agree with Dahila on the time it takes - but if an hour - lol @ expected fix.

    Again - figures.

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    The best way would be to schedule a doctor consultation, but some people prefer not to pay the hefty fees and buy online. I have personally used a few overseas shops, but the most trustworthy has been Block The Fear (blockthefear.com). Their delivery is super fast compared to most and it is 100% authentic and sealed from top labs. Good luck with everything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alankay View Post
    Sorry but beta blockers work within an hour or so for anxiety. They partially block adrenaline. AD's do indeed take time.
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    I know the thread is old but I didn't think it was necessary to create a new thread about it. How should I ask my doctor to get on this? Do I simply say "I have social anxiety I want to try a beta blocker"? I don't want the doctor to think I'm depressed and need help. I simply want to give this a try at a low dosage.



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