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    I think I'm going to start taking Magnesium as well, but I'm not sure about Amino Acids and stuff. But if it could help maybe I should consider it.

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    I started taking magnesium too. How long should I take it for?

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    I think few weeks at least? Depending on your magnesium level and your diet in general. I saw some improvement after a week.

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    I will try this. Thank you.

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    Hi, alright. Going to try this. I've always found it peculiar that, though I have always been a rather anxious person, and had had a couple bouts with depression when I was younger, my strong, crippling (and diagnosed) anxiety started after I got intoxicated, and couldn't eat anything proper for a couple of weeks. Once I was done with my illness, the anxiety was there, and there it remains. I hope this is a clue as to what started this for me and that it indeed has to do with nutrition. Thank you for your suggestion Hanino. I will try it out, and report back on how it goes for me.

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    so happy to hear, congratulations, will try this

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    Well i've been on the aminos for about a month now and the magnisum for about 4 months. Adding the amino I feel so much better. I'll keep you posted!!

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    Also, if this hasn't been mentioned, try GABA and theanine; both amino acids that reduce anxiety.

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    Hi, this thread is really informative. I am suffering from anxiety for about two months. I have tried different home remedies to tie this evil. But, failed. So, I consulted an anxiety disorder therapist in Toronto last week. He advised me to undergo cognitive behavior therapy for my problem. Now, I am planning to ask him about taking magnesium along with this treatment. Anybody had undergone this cognitive behavior therapy? If yes, how was your experience? Please do share.



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