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    Amino Acids and Magnesium cured my Anxiety

    I renamed this post Amino Acids and Magnesium cured my Anxiety to clear up any confusion.

    I suffered with anxiety for 12 years. My doctor told me I had GAD and panic attacks. I had all the usual symptoms, I donít want to list them all here but if it was anxiety related I had it as you can imagine of suffering for 12 years. My doctor gave me the usual gamut of meds some worked while others didnít the meds that worked didnít work for long so it was on to the next pill. Therapy didnít help either it was either listening to people talk about the same thing I was experiencing or it was my doctor just basically asking me how I felt and writing it all down and giving me ides on ways on how to deal with it. I got fed up with meds so I stopped taking them all together. I knew there had to be an answer to my conditions. So I went to the Internet to get answers. I ran across a page that talked about the Mind, Anxiety and Serotonin (published by a few Doctors and Researchers) and the use of Amino Acid for anxiety (I remembered learning about AAs in 9th grade they are the building blocks of proteins), which started to clue me in. So I started searching for Mental Health and Amino Acid I found another page that talked about Amino Acid and Magnesium Chloride, viola I found my answer to my anxiety problems, 5 minutes later I was at my local health food store buying some Amino Acid and Magnesium. When I started taking the Amino Acid and Magnesium it didnít take long to be free from anxiety. I was better in two weeks and thatís been 11 months ago so I have been completely anxiety free for almost a year now. From what I have read most people have a Magnesium deficiency not to mention other vitamins and minerals deficiencies from which a whole host of problems can arise from. I took the Amino Acids and Magnesium once a day for 6 months now I take it once or twice a week. The particular Amino Acids that I take have most of the B vitamins in it, the B vitamins are needed for a few of the Amino Acids to Cross the Blood Brain Barrier and vica versa. There are two things that the brain uses as fuel for energy one is Sugar and the other is L Glutamine. Anyone interested in this Google mental health and Amino Acid and mental health and Magnesium. Amino Acids are absolutely essential for proper brain function without them the brain breaks down and the rest of the body as well, thatís why there is so much bodily pain associated with anxiety. Thanks for reading, if you would like info on the stuff that I take feel free to message me

    This is also good for Panic Attacks Depression and PTSD

    Best Regards Hanino..

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    Hey everyone I just saw this post and found it very interesting. I am thinking about trying this and was wondering how everyone who has tried it is coming along?

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    Definitely some great info. Is hanino still around?

    I picked up some Magnesium glycinate a few days ago but hadn't thought about adding aminos. What's the best product (I have full access to a bunch of drug stores and GNC)?

    I'm sure some new products have come out in the 3 years since the thread has been around. I'll star

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    i bought magnesium today, 375mg to take one a day , heres hoping

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    Hi All,
    I have been doing a lot of reading about this and am really interested in the facts behind it.
    One thing I cannot put my finger on is exactly which supplements and ingredients I need.

    I am fit and healthy other than suffering from every anxiety under the sun. Does any one have any suggestions as to what I should be looking for?
    I have found Solgar Magnesium Citrate or I could get B-Complex tablets..

    Please help as I am so confused, but the stories in this thread almost seem too good to be true but from what I can read everyone here is really using this stuff to help with beating anxiety for good.

    OP suggested using Magnesium Chloride which looks like a transdermally used supplemented.
    I know which Amino to buy, I have picked out TwinLabs Amino Fuel Liquid. But the magnesium solution escapes me and I'd really appreciate someone pointing me at which one I should buy. I'm using Amazon - any better place am open to suggestions.
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    iv got a similar question as ga, i managed to find magnesium but only like magnesium itself not like cholride or citrate , im in the uk dont know if thats got anything to do with it. it did say on the tub that it benefits the nervous system is this stuff good enough or should i really try find a certain type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by plumb View Post
    iv got a similar question as ga, i managed to find magnesium but only like magnesium itself not like cholride or citrate , im in the uk dont know if thats got anything to do with it. it did say on the tub that it benefits the nervous system is this stuff good enough or should i really try find a certain type?
    Quote Originally Posted by forwells View Post
    Give it a try you have nothing to loose .

    The thing is you are better to take it before food on a empty stomach so it cross the blood brain barrier .

    There is also a magnesium oil which you rub on your skin or put in a bath .
    I ordered TwinLab Amino Fuel and 60x Bio-Magnesium 200mg tabs from 'dolphinfitness' - you'll have to google it as I'm below the post count limit
    Total came to about £15 I think, the supply should last me around 2 months by my calculations.

    The tablets I ordered have Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide and Magnesium Acetate

    200mg makes it 67% RDA so I am gonna start off taking 1 in the morning and see how that goes.

    I am gonna keep you posted here if it works or not. For me this is almost a last ditch attempt to overcome anxiety as I have tried a lot of methods and whilst they sometimes work for a few weeks or so revisting them has not worked afterwards.

    Watch this space.

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    I have been reading up on this method alot also. Please keep us updated with how it goes!

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    I stared just aminofuel week ago
    not taking magnesium or glutamune powder

    it's working feels better
    Feels less boring generally happy
    No anxiety attacks or anticipating anxiety

    But being lactose and gluten intolerant it makes me tired
    This tiredness might not help me keep taking it but it works great

    Searched Quick note

    Amino acids are building blocks of neurotransmitters

    Over 90% serotonine receptors are in gut So most of serotonin is made in gut
    Vitamine b6 major cofactor in serotonin synthesis
    Vitamine b complex converts amino acids into neurotransmitters

    So good complete protein plus b complex might help create neurotransmitters

    First rule out lacose or gluten allergy

    Take good probiotic
    Or enzymes for better digestion

    this is just information I have found

    Take care
    Be brave

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    Are you taking it everyday? And are you taking the serving size of 3 tablespoons a day?




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