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Thread: What is it?

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    What is it?

    Hey there,
    here my story: 5 years ago I started partying, including alcohol and a lot of other substance abuses. I'd say 2 years of heavy substance abuse (every weekend with we usually from Thursday-Sunday). A few times I had to check myself into ER, because of OD or an upcoming feeling of anxiety that I thought I'd die of a heart attack/stroke or go crazy. I think it was more the anxiety than really an OD. So in Fall 2007- Jan 2008 I partied a lot, but without any symptoms of anxiety, after partying I knew I could always resort to drink more wine have some Xanax and just relax and make myself cozy. Then when I stopped abruptly I started to feel weird, I didn't even realized what was going on. First I was just under constant tension with a very rapid heartbeat, when I tried to study things got really weird. I couldnt concentrate at all, I had the feeling that I have to study and understand everything faster and I was totally impatient and restless. During studying my heartbeat jumped up, I got dizzy I felt like losing control over myself, I had to leave the library and walk home in the cold, tried to breath slowly to calm down, I was pretty sure I was about to die from a heart attack or stroke. This lasted for three months, at night I couldnt fall asleep, because my heart was still bumping so I started to drink wine every other day to knock me out. The results of my exams from that time were the worst ever. I got me some Valiums to make it through the exams, I was so anxious taking the exams, one time I was about to blackout seriously. I was all sweaty thought I wouldnt complete the exam in time and rushed through it. After it I was lightheaded, dizzy and felt like I had run a marathon. During spring break I started to party again, first it was weird even when I was drinking or consuming other things I was anxious, but somehow being around my old friends helped me to get rid of it, although not totally. After April 2008 the attacks faded, but every time I went out partying I was pretty anxious the next day so I had to prepare myself with wine+ sleep aid. At the end of the last year I abused a lot of substances including benzos without much fun, I regarded it more as a mandatory social event, because I knew how I would feel the next day. I have to mention that I'm not going out without benzos or beta blocker handy. Now I have my final project at the university and I couldnt concentrate at the beginning. When I'm in class I fear that I might faint in front of the class, I can't follow what the professor says, my heart is bumping so fast, I'm constantly thinking if I have to leave the classroom to get some water or take a Valium. I started the habit to drink a LOT! I had the feeling once that it made my dizziness go away, sometimes I drink more than 2gallons/day. I'm also very nervous, fidgeting the whole time, even my mom noticed that lately. Even the slightest feeling in my head or chest induces fear. I've seen a cardiologist a couple times, but he said everythings fine. I got me some adderalls so I thought I could concentrate better, the first days where just amazing, I just had to focus on my work, but today was horrible. It started as I was not totally paying attention to my work and procrastinating(chatting with friends, facebook, etc.) I had the feeling in my subconsciousness that I don't get my work done and there was something building up inside me. I started to get dizzy, my heartrate increased, so I stopped everything else and tried to focus on my work, but I had reached a point of no return. I thought I'd die, I experienced shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, dizziness, I dressed up ran outside to get some fresh air, but it didnt help, so I went back in to do some research on the internet what to do by an adderall OD, although I took them 5hours ago and not that much. So I was thinking about taking beta blockers or a valium to calm down, but I couldnt find anything about contraindication, so taking it would prolly just made me even more anxious to die of crazy side effects. So I laid down in bed tried to breath through the nose and after a while I could feel my heart wasnt bumping that fast anymore and I could relaxe. It was just such a great feeling achieving this w/o any chemical help. Later during class I was anxious again, because of another attack with the aforementioned thoughts again, so stupid, but I can't help it!
    Omg what a long text :roll: :roll:

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    so first off let me tell you alcohol make anxiety worse in the long run.....and second doesnt drinking make you dizzy too???? but its okay then because you know your dizzy cause of the alcohol. its all what you think. i was in the er one time and was watching the heart monitor i was on and each time i had a anxious thought my heart would race. i am currently in therapy now. i am NOT cool with taking meds it makes me that much more nervous about side effects etc. i also have been to heart doctor and every thing was fine. its your thoughts you have to change. just ignore them or keep busy. i have found that in the last 2 weeks i have been fine because i have been busy and getting good sleep. its not the amount of sleep you get its the value.. i have two kids and my two year old wakes me up about 20 times a night because shes uncomfortable or hot or what ever DRIVES ME NUTS. anyways be careful taking all those meds and drinkin. best of luck with everything.
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    Hey Anxious23,
    Don't drink alcohol for 30 days, drink water instead. If your anxiety and feeling like you are about to die is that bad then stop drinking alcohol for 30 days , find out how your mind and body responds to being free from alcohol. If you stop drinking alcohol for 30 days and drink water instead I can assure you they will stop.

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    This is an old post but id say she needs a really good pychiatrist and possible safe detox. You appear anxious by nature and medication as well as working on your self talk and thoughts.

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    A very important FYI: Alcohol and other substances are known to bring out mental illness if a person has a predisposition towards it. I don't know if that's what's going on in your case, but it is possible. Definitely see your doctor asap. I recommend going to a psychiatrist. Regular doctors are not well trained in medication for mental health purposes. A good psychiatrist knows the ins and outs of these meds.

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    Get thiamine off yer doc it helps restore vitamin b1. which alcohol depletes

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    What is it

    This page REALLY needed an update, so thats what going on.

    Really sorry about all the mess - php and I arent friends.
    Bear with me while I wrestle it in place.


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    Kamsaipsy say right !

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    I realized this thread is from a long time ago. Anxiety really gets the best of us!



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