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    The toll of agoraphobia...and PMS??

    I have a mild case of agoraphobia. I have been working really hard, exercising, meditating, desensitization...trying to do the positive "self talk." Well, I have noticed a trend. Every time I getting ready to start my period (a week before), I see a huge DROP in my mood and my anxiety just shoots back up!!! It's such a bummer, b/c it makes me feel like all my hard work was for nothing. But I try to keep the positive attitude...and boy, I feel like that little voice of anxiety is really working against me. I don't know if it's just the PMS or the high anxiety or my celexa...but just this morning, I woke up feeling like I don't CARE about this certain person in my life anymore. We were never together, he has a g-friend, but he had totally won my heart over (since 1st grade) and hearing from him sort of made or broke my confidence. I would get so lonely for him that I would get really really DOWN. Now, ALL OF A SUDDEN, I just don't care anymore. I woke up this morning with different plans for my future and if he's involved or NOT, I really don't care. I'm sure this is the anxiety playing tricks on me but, me waking up with a totally different attitude...that doesn't mean I'm going crazy does it?? hahaha I'm mean, my emotions for him have been SHUT OFF. Someone give me some good advice! I could use some uplifting advice or someone who has experienced something familiar! Let me know!!
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    Me too, everything becomes louder all of a sudden and irritability increases my agoraphobia. When I ovulate I feel less anxious though. It sucks.



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