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    Klonopin question

    I've been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Depression back when i was in 7th grade. I've had the anxiety disorder for a much longer period, but it was only diagnosed at that time. I am currently 20 years old, and have been through the following medications:

    Zoloft - 200mg : worked initially, body developed a tolerance
    Prozac - 30 mg: bad side effects
    Celexa - 30 mg: didn't work

    I'm currently on 60 mg of Cymbalta. My new psychiatrist also gave me .25 of Xanax, but that didnt work for the chronic anxiety, so he upped it to .50. The .50 didn't work so he just gave me .5 of Klonopin. He stated that unlike the Xanax, that the Klonopin should be taken once daily, instead of when needed, and that it should last the whole day. After doing a lot of research, I read that many people take Klonopin more than once a day. Is my doctor wrong when he says that taking one .5 Klonopin at night will help my anxiety disorder for the following day? I just took the Klonopin for the first time tonight, and I know I should be waiting to see how I feel, but I just wanted a little more information about it. I guess knowing more about it would release that anxiety haha. Thank you.
    [u]Past Medications[/u]
    Zoloft + Prozac + Celexa + Xanax

    [u]Current Medications[/u]
    Cymbalta + Klonopin

    OCD + Generalized Anxiety Disorder + Depression

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    I was prescribed .5/ 3X/ day.

    Did that for over a year.

    Stopped taking it out of lack of interest. I jsut wasn't sure if it was doing anything or not (or it muffed up my brain to the point of derealzing, probably both). It was noticeably effective when I first started taking it.

    I switched to Ativan, as needed. Nothing has ever worked better.

    Benzos can be addictive, that's the problem - talk to your doctor.

    I'm not a big 'natural remedy' guy, but chamomille, jasmine and green tea helped a bit. Less sugar, walking and a bit of social drinking have made life more enjoyable.

    I've read things about Frankincense that are intriguing and will try that as well.

    Good luck Yankee.



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