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    Thumbs up OK. I really need to do something about this Australian guy...

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    Peter Ross Anderson - more socks than Primark

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Ross Anderson View Post
    Where's Guest and Guitar Licks on your list of user names, PeterAndersonIsARacist?
    "Guest" isn't a username, you benighted cuntcheese.
    I was unaware of "Guitar licks" before our friend above linked to your escapades on legalbeagles, but it looks like that account is already gone, so why bother?
    By all means though, Peter, feel free to supply a comprehensive list of your assorted aliases and sock accounts, and I'll see what I can do.
    If that's too much work, just export your browser history, or bookmarks and attach them here, and I'll look through it for you.



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