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    Peter Ross Anderson - "once you put it on the internet, that's it published"

    Quote Originally Posted by takealookpedro View Post
    Scotty even went as far as making an abusive video about this person and uploading it to YouTube. He also stole the film and uploaded it onto a website. Some thanks eh! You and your wife get abused and your film stolen.
    Scotty normally pays through sites like indiegogo to get parts as an unpaid extra in films, however in this case the producers of the film were kind enough to give him a minor part as a goodwill gesture without an audition. The producers even transported him to the film site in a car. Some thanks eh!
    And it's still up there - along with other films Peter has stolen over the years (Like Night Closes, Redcon-1, Waves Crash, etc.). Peter seems particularly to like propagating Night Closes, but that's probably because nobody else turned up, so they had to use the gormless imbecile.

    For example Peter likes to upload things pseudonymously to Archive.org, often the same thing repeatedly such as here or shamelessly to personal accounts elsewhere like here or here, just for a few examples.
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