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    Poll: Should Peter Ross Anderson Just Kill Himself?

    YES or NO?

    According to Peter himself, his life is ruined because of his years of legal troubles, incarcerations, and probation orders. He also his insists that everyone is at fault for these issues except him. Oh, not out precious Peter! Our sweet Peter could do no wrong!

    Fuck you.

    You ruined your own life, you fucking donut. This is all your doing.

    Alright, everyone respond with their vote.
    Peter Ross Anderson's Address:
    2/6 Greendykes House, Greendykes Road
    Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom EH16 4JJ

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    Peter being Peter, the cuntwomble would only fuck it up and end up an even bigger burden on the Scottish taxpayer.
    Besides I want him to live long enough to look into Tania's face on her deathbed and have to deal with her obvious utter fucking disappointment in the turd she shat out.



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