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    A Much Needed Post

    I really have no idea on how to start. Best I can do is allude as I go along given the nature of derailment. I'm going to have to dig deep and use my esoteric skills. I do beleive we can bridge the gaps. I know I wish for reconnections with all the members I once connected. It's OK though. 100% no negative judgements in that as we all play our part in those gaps. I kind of have to say it like that as I really don't think any of us are capable of not making judgments. Just saying we all make mistakes.

    Right now though. I'm doing this on request and appreciate the *dire straits* of a space that was at least a haven for more than just a few but still rather modest which at another time offered space for those who were willing. It is hard to convey given that when I myself was prone to negativity that I felt like I was taking up too much space. Loneliness and isolation comes to mind with anger and frustrations getting the best of us from time to time. Is like PTSD vs Depression and or any one of a dozen labels bestowed upon us in continual conflict with the other.

    As usual the breaks I make in attempting to connect in other places wind up being rejected by the first wave of moderation. Those few the come back here to see if there is those one or two who are also similarly unable to fit in these other controlled spaces are possibly wondering like me if this space itself has too; finally been corrupted?

    My advice whilst not wishing to provide any more rope and a ladder than is already present ... is to just take a moment and use the forum tools that we know are in place for good reason. It should not take long to work out where to right click and snip the branch. I'll be doing this for every unwarranted intrusion that seeks only to add instability.

    I go do this now before embarking on my old school postings in a space that what once considered safe and secure. It can be that way again - Just needs someone to start with a little cohesion although I question if I am really one to do it. Why anyone would come back into this mess really says just how out of sort other places can be beneath the surface.

    Enough said ... first I take my own advice and start clipping the runaway tree: one branch at a time ... then I start freestyling like I have always found helpful.
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    "...the cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation" ~ Terrance McKenna

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