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    Peter Ross Anderson - Potatowatch Part deux

    Well that last post, like so many of the jizzmonkey's insane diatribes got absolutely no engagement, so rather than try a fresh tack, it tried the same nonsense again in a slightly more compact form:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruit-tella
    My experience with AdultWork.com has been mostly negative... (archived)
    Thumbs Down Yesterday, 20:54 (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 20:59 by Fruit-tella.)

    There's a lot of fake profiles and spring cleaning to do, sure. But so many women and so on have a very nasty attitude. You cannot even make any small talk on that site.
    Again, almost like the loathsome little shitbag is thoroughly repulsive, and disgusts and appalls everyone who has the misfortune to interact with it....

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruit-tella
    The worst one to date is LadyBellaBird. Because she ran to a lawyer, making out I abused her. In reality, I was just angry over being treated like a social reject. It's actually something I tend to find offends me, as I have gone through life getting bullied and mistreated in different ways. All they care about is getting simps to act dumb and tip them cash, when they apparently have no respect for men whatsoever.
    Uh huh...
    Totally over Bella.
    Not stalkery at all.
    Top tip: If you don't want to be treated like a social reject, don't act like a repulsive cockwomble.
    Another useful tip: if you don't like findom, stop fucking signing up to follow findom accounts!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruit-tella
    I have had grief from many different women on there who live in Edinburgh, or visit my city. Like for example, I came across Imara Noir, a half Chinese, half Canadian escort who is also a domme. And their type always have a volatile nature.
    "Their type"? What, you mean... Canadians?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruit-tella
    I just messaged her to say I like music from Canada. I am a bit autistic, so I sometimes come across as odd or socially inept.
    Socially inept? No: Complete fucking psycho fruitcake!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruit-tella
    But she was far from nice. Others I contacted are just as ignorant, or they use a pompous screening process to find a reason to decline your custom. Since when were tarts ever the sentimental type?
    Sounds like the screening process is doing its job. What the fuck is this sentimental sexworker-therapist bullshit the arsenugget seems to be expecting? Is its entire worldview shaped by 1970s American sex comedies, replete with the "happy hooker with a heart of gold" there to provide succour to the (obviously) white male protagonist?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruit-tella
    Some of them can often start off okay, such as Mistress Victoria or Riven Mercy. The latter plays games over Twitch, and I sent her money on her OnlyFans profiles. It is once they get more notice though and they garner a bigger following, their ego just seems to rocket. However, many of them do not begin that way. But yeah. I have been getting shit from many Scottish sex workers, or ladies who tour in Edinburgh. They also shoot porn with each other, meet at reward shows, or visit dungeons for sessions.
    Soooooo... Tired of Peter's shit and then otherwise just doing their job basically...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruit-tella
    That's how they keep slandering me. So these arrogant cunts all seem to know each other. Maybe if they didn't come across as horrid, we could have saw better results...
    It's almost as if Spudanus is an infamous serial sex-pest, known throughout the land....
    Anyway, that's more than enough potato for now.
    Too much starch can ruin your figure!
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    Peter Ross Anderson - Hollywood is calling (the police)

    Potatohead likes to pretend it's an actor but just can't get the roles and likes to list the films it thinks it should have been in, regardless of how fanciful.
    Strangely never mentions this one, which you'd think the fucker was practically born to play.
    You can almost see the director googling "psychopathic misogynistic sex offender who hates the police" and coming across Spudanus' videos and going, "Fuck yeah! That's our inspo right there!"

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    Peter Ross Anderson - A bad start and downhill from there.

    Quote Originally Posted by AprilBubbles View Post
    Why do you think he is so demented? It seems none of the other kids in the school have turned out like him.
    I think the problems started well before the potato got to school.
    The whole family tree seems to have issues.
    Nature vs nurture is always difficult, and Spudanus is clearly developmentally challenged. It has the IQ of a small grapefruit and the emotional stability of drunk chimpanzee - it was never destined to be a massively productive member of society.
    If it had been raised in a more stable and nurturing environment maybe it wouldn't have turned out the way it did.
    Unfortunately it grew up in some sort of grotesque den of unhinged lunacy.
    Honestly, there's only so much schools can do but I do think social services really dropped the ball there - at least they seem to have clued up enough now that the sister's spawn have been removed and stand a fighting chance.

    Particularly important, I suspect, was Tania's mindless enablement of the cockwomble's worst behaviour - both in failing to challenge its most antisocial behaviours and also encouraging it to blame others, including the shitstain's victims, for not submitting to its wants and needs. I get the impression a lot of its racism and misogyny are also parroted from Tania (and the grandmother), but that's a hunch rather than data.

    Having Capcom and Hammer Horror seemingly coparenting probably didn't help.
    I don't believe violent and graphic entertainment media affects people as much and as negatively as some people thinks it does, when it forms only a portion of what someone consumes, and for normal well balanced minds. In cockwart's case though, it appears to be almost the entirety of what it consumes.
    A bit of WWE and Pokemon is about as wholesome as it manages to get (and even Pokemon is stalker-friendly when you analyse it - trap cute things and then make them fight each other).
    When you're a cognitively impaired shut-in like fuckface and your primary socialisation takes place through badly written dialogue trees in video games, and your early exposure to sexuality takes place in the context of plot-convenient death and dismemberment in horror films, then it's probably not going to lead to a great outcome.

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    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - Jesus wept

    I've let a lot slide recently.

    Spudanus has had a fairly low output since its day trip to Livingston, at taxpayers' expense, but has still found time to obsess about its perceived persecutors (and leave the odd review).

    Today's masterpiece however could not pass without comment.
    It's a medley of greatest hits with some added self-pity sauce.
    Truly an exemplar of the genre.
    Strap in/on folks, this is going to be quite a ride.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    26-04-24, 22:32

    I had thought about becoming a Christian...

    Since my mum passed away last year, I have thought about "giving up the life I know" to be a man of faith. A man of the church.
    I pretty much spat out my coffee there.
    That old bait and switch: even with the weird use of quotation marks 'I have thought about "giving up the life I know"' looked promising but then out of left field comes that shocker!
    It wants to be a man!

    As to the church bit, I'm sure we all, when fuckface comes to mind, marvel at its philanthropy, spreading love, kindness, peace and concern for the wellbeing of all around it.
    Spudanus is less of the cloth so much as it is touching cloth, I think.
    Honestly this is wild.
    What church would have it?
    Even the Church of Satan has standards.
    That said, churches have historically been a refuge for sexual predators so maybe it will find the acceptance it craves.

    On the other hand, if all it wants is to be constantly observed, and have wrathful judgement passed upon it, well I'm all up for that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    I don't know why I began to feel like this. But it probably has a lot to do with my grief with various people over the years, and how at my age, most of my life now feels like a waste because of that. With my mother being gone, it feels like a huge part of me died with her. She did everything for me, and was the one person I felt I could open up to.
    Yes, when it came to enabling Peter's pathological behaviours, Tania was just the best.
    Let's face it, nobody else wants anything to do with the shitbag.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    I say my life was kind of a waste, mainly because every blooming time I felt I was close to having, for example, a successful film career, great sex, a girlfriend, or even a semi-famous status online from supporting a video game franchise, some idiot just came by and ruined it each time, simply to be annoying.
    And the idiot that came around and ruined it each time was named Peter Ross Anderson.
    If it's any consolation to the scrotepustule, it was as likely to achieve any of those things as lobotomised slug is to build a working spacecraft, so nothing really lost there.

    Let's get back on track with some impotent rage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    Now I feel like I have reached the end of my rope with it all. Because as much as I want to see these people burn for how I was treated, I feel like the best form of revenge would be to do... well, nothing.

    Think about it. What am I getting out of calling law firms, my GP, posting about it on forums, trying to convince the pigs I was set up to fail, and so on? Nothing.
    Has Spudanus had an epiphany? Is this the cockwomble's Damascene moment?
    No, of course not. It's almost endearing just quite how fixedly demented it is.
    Almost, but then the self loathing turns outward to its victims and we're back in classic misogynist psycho Peter mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    This slag called Jodie, who tried to get me sent down, I feel is profoundly mentally ill. She was claiming to be married to a man. Now she is saying she is gay. On top of that, she posted about how a man attacked her when she was young.

    I knew it all along!

    You see...

    When people seek out men to beat up under the guise of offering kinky fetishes, it's because they border an inner misandrist grudge. Therapists call this reverse projection. She sees her mistress as her mother as well, and while there is nothing wrong with this, I feel totally disrespected. Particularly since I tried in vain to offer an apology, yet she screwed me over and pushed me aside.
    Fucking hell. I'm not sure if the cuntflap has been reading too much pop psychology online, or has just spend so much time on the business end of a psychiatrist's gaze that it some random phrases have percolated through its leathery potato skin, even if it has absolutely no idea what they actually mean?

    Maybe at some point it might also learn to understand the meaning of phrases like 'No' and 'Restraining order'.

    Still it's not all bad. The good thing about being in prison is you get to meet like minded individuals on the protection wing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    The guy I met in jail couldn't fathom why I was remanded on an indictment, because it is not a serious case. But like I said, I tried to give sex workers a helping hand in the past. I was not gonna judge them harshly, as I feel they ought to be respected within reason. But just like the ex support workers, they are not good people. It is very rare if you meet a sex worker who doesn't just muck you about for money.
    I'm sure that guy has made some great life choices and is just the sort of person that should be offering guidance and advice to a potato padawan.
    See - Spudanus is a reasonable potato: Peter doesn't hate all sex workers or support workers (and they're much the same thing in Peter's head). Spudanus just thinks they're all evil for not accommodating Peter's entirely reasonable, charitable donation of it inserting its penis into them regardless of their preferences or opinions on the matter; It's highly uncharitable of them to assert their bodily autonomy in the face of such magnanimity.
    Presumably the aforementioned helping hand proffered is required to try to guide Spudanus' flaccid crotch-slug towards its target. It must be like trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the tube.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    But I just want to start anew, in a spiritual way. Christians are not supposed to yield anger, seek out whores or alcohol, or be violent in nature, though. So I feel like this would really defeat the purpose of being a man of peace.
    As far as I know it doesn't drink alcohol, so I suppose it has that going for it.
    Maybe it should set its sights a bit lower?
    If it can't be a 'man of peace' (on either count), maybe it could manage to be a spud with peas. That knda works?
    Even just not being a total shitty, psycho, moronic, cuntwallop would be a start.
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    Peter Ross Anderson - Barlinnie blues

    But wait, the fucker is nowhere near done yet. An hour and a half later the shitweasel feels there's more to say. Back to the Sage of Barlinnie...

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    26-04-24, 23:59

    My cellmate was genuinely confused by my story. He thought I had a mental problem for always contacting trolls online, like the aforementioned sex worker. He couldn't understand why I kept on doing that when they were never interested in listening to me in the first place.
    Perhaps I was too quick to rush to judgement on Spudanus' cellmate.
    Even sex offenders have to have someone to look down on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    Recently, I rang up some people to do with getting my welfare up and running again. They seemed gobsmacked when I went into details about the people who constantly jerked me off. Like the idiotic support worker named Patrick, who mocked that Hispanic wrestler, which I already mentioned in other threads on here. But they agreed that morons associated with Autism Initiatives and so on were just stitching me up.
    I can guarantee they'd never head a tale quite like it.
    'Calls may be recorded for training purposes', and in this case, I'm sure, probably shared on the case workers' WhatsApp group for shits and giggles.
    Peter never seems to grasp that the only person conspiring against Peter is its own lack of judgement.
    Still, nice to hear the Scottish taxpayers aren't still spaffing quite so much money on the oxygen thief.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    I'm hoping to take up a civil case against that Jodie, Bella, or whatever the heck she wants to call herself. And despite what she believes, I had nothing against her. All I did was contact her on AW about a booking. What is she doing registering on a site like that if she doesn't respect male clients? It's just pointless to all it concerns. But I guess she's just away with the fairies.
    Yes, I was really picking up on that 'nothing against her' vibe, what with all the harassment and libel and continuous angry ranting and such.
    I'd be interested to see how the dickcheese acts towards someone it does have something against.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    The police are honestly bent, because my friend said that if a female support worker got granted a non harassment order to run for so long, but it expired after like 5 years, then there was no need for them to conjure up some excuse to get me re-arrested in 2020. But I just know it was all a sham so she could be giving a new order. That they only came to my door about her and nobody else proves they were making up some rubbish to get me in trouble again.
    Wait, what? Peter has a friend?
    And yeah , man. I mean, like, what's up dude with like these police like arresting people who break the law man? They should just chill.

    Top tip, Peter: Stop harassing people and you'll stop getting arrested for harassing people.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    Now my sister is having relatable issues. She was supposed to see a gynecologist about her hormonal imbalance, as she is pregnant. Then somebody at the GP chose to cancel her appointment. My sister thinks that it's bad patter to do this, as the appointment is essential due to her health problems. But we're fighting a losing battle.
    Interesting that Spudanus claims it can relate to gynaecological issues.
    I suppose Spudanus identifies as a massive cunt, so maybe that's it?
    Absolutely terrifying that the beleaguered Edinburgh care services are going to have yet another Anderson baby to rehome.

    At that point the jizzstain seemed to have spunked its full load, but then Lencoboy (not exactly overburdened with good judgement) fluffed Peter's wizened choad, and set it off again:

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    27-04-24, 09:40

    It's a good thing you're not there now. I lived in supported housing up to 2014. They would call the pigs and make out they never even did so, which was just outright ridiculous.

    Even called someone from a payphone once to explain how anxious I was about breaking my bail terms and everything, just to be 'shopped' by the fuzz on the Royal Mile, as my dad calls it. But yeah. That was a senior who did that.
    Peter doesn't seem to grasp that it was arrested because it was breaching bail.
    That's the inevitable finding out portion that follows on from the fuck around.
    Besides, didn't Tania do the exact same thing - call the police to lift Peter - and that never seemed to stop the smegstain running back to seek solace suckling at her saggy teat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    As I said, I think some escorts are just ordinary people, so I like to at least do my part and keep my chin up, trying hard to not rock the boat, so to speak.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    But too many of them take liberties, and I think that Bella woman is depressed, or something. Maybe she should just stick to her mistress, delete her AW profile for good, and stop being another drama llama towards men online.
    Still getting that nice 'nothing against her' vibe. Seems legit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    I noticed I was blocked by a few women on X, but I don't know why.
    Yes you do. You know why. You've been to court repeatedly to outline in no uncertain terms as to why.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    I also stopped talking about the Resident Evil games on other forums, as I got the gist that they either don't play the old games that Capcom produced. Essentially those made prior to 2005. Or they just spout nonsense because they believe that Capcom can do no wrong.

    Other than that, I just find gaming forums to be boring now. We can only talk about the same subject for so long anyway. But it seems the game they were working on has received a delay, according to Dusk Golem who always leaks info about that stuff.
    Almost as if Spudanus has nothing cogent to say, and nobody cares.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    Right. So I need a civil lawyer to sort out this joke of a situation I find myself in with these lousy people. I doubt I am going to be able to easily obtain one, even if I had a bucket of cash. They were already contacted ages ago. Probably more than once, too.
    So Peter is harassing law firms now? This is certainly an interesting and potentially amusing turn of events.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    It has been some ordeal.
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    Peter Ross Anderson - two nuts short of a sack.

    Quote Originally Posted by takealookpedro View Post
    Awesome, Scotty harassing law firms. Scotty never ceases to amaze.
    It's the only thing it succeeds and excels at - being jawdroppingly, eyewateringly stupid. I'm just surprised it hasn't declared an intent to sue the Procurator Fiscal or the Prison Service yet

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    Peter Ross Anderson - Sucking it dry

    Unfortunately it looks like the Scottish taxpayers' respite from the leech was only brief:

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    28-04-24, 14:38

    Just last week there, the DWP provided a grant. It is not clear if my Universal Credit was reactivated, but I assume it has been since they unsuspended the claim. However, they will obviously take off so much money each month. Although I wish they had been clear on whether my money is going to be paid into my account as normal.

    My other benefit is getting a raise. But I need to reactivate that as well.
    How disappointing. So how will Spudanus be spending this unearned income?
    Charitable donations?
    Supporting the arts?
    Investing in local businesses?
    Obviously not.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    I will definitely be hiring a civil lawyer about that Jodie.
    Still more of that nice 'nothing against her' vibe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    Thanks to her, that piece of crud troll in Australia has uploaded images to a gallery on his profile on anxietyforum.net, which is full of filthy posts with derogatory language. The hosting information is hidden with Cloudflare, who clearly don't care about online abuse.
    Do you mean me?
    No, Peter.
    Not Australian.
    Not a troll.
    I thought you liked the pictures? Which ones don't you like?
    You brought us here long before any of us knew who Jodie was.
    It was the other way around, remember?
    When you started abusing her she found your real name and address from all the posts here - at least that's you claimed previously, or has wanking onto your keyboard dulled you memory?

    If Cloudflare stopped serving data for sites where users post abuse, you would finally be silenced, so be careful what you wish for.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    I would be as well to forget about seeing "dommes" and escorts and porn stars, as they are all egotistical in terms of their personality, and they seldomly visit Scotland anyway.
    No really a choice at this point, is it? I mean You must be on so many blacklists by now, I doubt anyone is left that would have anything to do with you, regardless of the money on offer.

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    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - Porn Again

    In the Spring an old potato's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of sex work.

    So, as well as reminiscing on all the like minded psychopaths Spudanus has found common ground with over the years, like a bluebottle relentlessly head-butting a window, its incoherent ramblings have inevitably returned to the topic of sex workers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oil Can
    Anyone think sex workers are lame?
    Posted yesterday at 10:58 AM
    They ask for money and upload porn to lure you to pay for their services. Once they get your cash, though, they make excuses not to meet you or become cold. And in general, they just seem to be rather strange.

    You ever noticed this?
    I think Spudanus is operating under the misapprehension that anyone might ever voluntarily want to interact with it, let alone have physical contact with it other than for money. It also seems to have the delusion that it is the customer that sex workers are hoping to attract, as opposed to being the sort of occupational hazard they have to deal with occasionally. The stupid fuck doesn't seem to realise that it is the wasp at the picnic - just because it was attracted to the spread, doesn't mean it is a welcome guest.
    Failing to get engagement form the wrestling fans, the cuntwomble tried again elsewhere.

    Strap on, we're going for a ride:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    Today at 5:53 AM

    Mate, as someone who has seen countless sex workers over the years, I can only recommend you try to see one who has respect for disabled clients. There are sometimes specialist sex workers who are happy to engage with disabled people. In the UK for example, there is, or was the TLC Trust.
    Not the flex you think it is, Peter. Are there any that specialise in psychotic potatoes with poor personal hygiene and erectile dysfunction?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    The urge is strong, I know. You're likely browsing their profiles where they have their "too long, did not read" summaries of this, that and the third, boasting of the services they offer to lonesome, horny men like us. And they probably look super hot too, yes? Fresh out of some college? Model figure?
    Quite. I mean, who cares about the person when what you're after is an object.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    Well, I get it...

    Dude, I feel your pain. I got suckered in a lot too. It has made me want to throw in the towel, since anything to do with dating websites and sex work is becoming more and more like a fruitless pursuit for not just myself, but many punters. You'll need the patience of a saint.
    Spudanus thinks it's doing the Lord's work, apparently. Clearly wasn't paying attention in church. (Probably too busy wanking.) Perhaps it misinterpreted all those bits about the Angel of the Lord coming upon folks. Still, the prospect of it throwing in the (presumably cum-encrusted) towel is good news, no?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing

    Earlier this year, I paid a deposit AND got a woman a gift, as she was seemingly going to be touring in Edinburgh. Silly me, I know. But granted, I did not quite wait for her confirmation. It still doesn't change the fact I was ultimately deceived out of 150 and her cold response was harsh, and made me feel lousy for the rest of the day, to be honest. I had to sleep it off. It was that depressing, man.
    Well, that cheered me up enormously; A fool and its money....

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing

    This was right after I had even been nice enough to get her a gift through Wishtender. Ended up being blocked with some shoddy excuse.

    Then somebody else asked for a deposit. This is somewhat common but risky, as they get funny towards guys with no recorded feedback. But if something goes wrong, good luck chasing up that refund. But anyway, I told her I could go on my online banking, provided she send her details to set up as a new contact. She only asked for 50 quid. But there was a glitch.

    Even after I showed video proof to verify this was me telling the truth about the situation, she just went... crazy, to put it mildly. So I was like, to hell with this bad attitude of hers, along with the plethora of women who had been nasty in the past as well.
    Yeah... that's not what happened though is it? The only glitch was in what passes for the jizznugget's tiny potato brain not knowing how to use its own online banking app, as was clear from the video it itself posted. Not only a moron, but so dumb as to gleefully post proof of its own stupidity as "edivence" of its perceived grievance.
    Classic Spudanus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    But yes. Many escorts and mistresses and porn stars are extremely rough, or self-centered, and I guess it comes with dealing with men who may try to take advantage of them.
    Or maybe they just aren't thrilled to be dealing with psychotic potatoes that smell of stale piss and dried cum-cheese?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    You even get ones who act funny if you just try to make small talk about the weather, entertainment, or just things in general. Like this carpenter I know who whines about nobody booking her, yet her rate is 400 per hour. So I tried to ensure her I only got nasty to her because her tone was unpleasant. Yet I stuck around because, dude. The lass looks stunning.

    But sadly, they don't care about you beyond receiving your cash. At first, they are mildly nice, until the money comes in. They also like to set it up to where you cannot message them without adding a tip to the message. The minimum is $5, I noticed.
    Yet apparently, despite the scrotepustule's assertion that they are only obsessed with money, they are clearly willing to forgo payment to avoid having anything further to do with the shitbag. Almost like they can spot a wrongun'.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing

    They see their subs as nothing but simps to manipulate. They start saying you are bombarding them with spam, even though just a day prior they were okay, and this is what I mean. They had a rubbish afternoon or something because they never got bookings when they were touring in such and such town, so they are acting agitated and taking out on poor lonely sub number 5,432,908. You know? That is all you are in their eyes.

    Even if you tip them in any case, they rarely acknowledge you. Then on social media, they constantly post about themselves. Things about where they like to eat out, buy overpriced clothes, and all they do is hint about you having to order them goods. They just sound like they're so fanciful of themselves, which is not attractive to me. Then you get vibes they can be contradictive, misandrist types when they want to, just going by what they say about their subs, men as a whole, and so on.
    How can the moron be so obsessed with findom and not understand findom? It's like a fat kid complaining about all the sugar in the sweets they keep buying.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    It has made me want to wave the white flag. Even when I have a lot of money in the bank and I get tempted, it feels like you'll be running the gauntlet of arrogant females wasting your time before you can score.

    I had to be honest, though. Good luck!
    Probably need to wash that white flag first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    Today at 6:46 AM

    I haven't checked it in years. I use the more famous sites. Shall we just say, the purple one?
    Don't know why the poop-knife is being coy now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    It's like a minefield. You get lucky sometimes, but you're mostly outnumbered by, like I said, really snooty women mucking you about. There was a guy in my property fixing my light sockets months ago. I told him I was scammed and he just laughed and said, to never do that. They're just out to con folk.

    What is annoying is that the (in my view) "best ones" are working in England. When they occasionally tour in Scotland, some dodge coming to my city in favour of Glasgow or Aberdeen, which I find to be quite annoying. Why, I do not know. Maybe it's hard to get accommodation in Edinburgh on the cheap. Although, come on. How can there be a shortage of hotels and guest houses in a place like tourist land?
    Glasgow and Aberdeen being just a random example, I'm sure. It's odd, isn't it. It's almost as though there were some terrible, infamous monstrosity lurking in Edinburgh that everyone wanted to avoid...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing

    I'm thinking of getting a punting number that's not tied to a site, rather than communicating with my primary number all of the time. It's easy to trace people who use a contracted mobile number.

    Pay-as-you-go (disposable) ones are better, and discretion is more important to me than ever, particularly after being harassed by this bizarre Australian troll for a long time.

    You can just top it up when required. Although I'm not sure if the credit can be carried over from month to month. This usually expires after a month, if you don't use it. But maybe it's different with vouchers.
    Don't worry, Peter, that burner will be blacklisted fairly sharpish too.
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    Unfortunately, the pubic louse wasn't finished.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    Today at 7:49 AM

    The local sauna I go to only charges 70 or 100 for one hour, and 20 for the entry fee. This is absolutely reasonable, but you may not find every worker attractive or you don't click. But the indies advertising online are charging way too much.

    Yes, saunas in the UK are really legal brothels.

    Granted, they can do that all they want and it may look ridiculous. But just as they can be chancers on AW, guys can form an opinion that their pricing should be toned down considerably.
    Those poor women. Imagine working in a sauna and that cockgoblin slithers in....

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing

    Also, doing low key blue movies for some wank fodder company nobody remembers should also not give them the nerve to tack on an additional 400 for extras.

    On UKPunting which is used to review workers positively or negatively going by the booking, they always berate members who admit to paying that, but then they usually say it's up to them. Some even do 15 minute 'quickies' and get what they want in such a brief amount of time. Which admittedly, may be better than paying for a longer session and climaxing too soon, or not gelling with the lady.
    Fifteen minutes? I thought Spudanus needed a week's head start and an online prescription just to make to the starting line, never mind finish. Fifteen minutes isn't even enough time for it to be able to spell its own name successfully.

    But some bad news then follows, far from throwing in the towel, all this talk of saunas has got the potato's sap rising:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing
    Today at 11:06 AM


    That's me off to the sauna.
    Those poor, poor women. Somebody warn them, please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing

    Things that could prevent a problem getting there.

    I assume it meant present a problem getting there?
    Talk Talk.
    Forgetting how to breathe.
    Colorado beetle.
    Divine intervention.
    Them seeing Spudanus coming and locking the doors.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemon Zing

    But I will endure it all. I put the 'dure' in Durex, after all. 


    Be like Sonic or Mario. Get all the gold rings and coins. Become super! 
    Jesus fucking Christ, what a pathetic excuse for a ballsack and an utter waste of oxygen.
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