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    Quote Originally Posted by The Scottish Pedro View Post
    Yeah. It was never my intention to be a moron online, and while it was short-lived, I did appreciate Ponder's help. I've only ever spoke the truth about these former support workers called Sara and Joanna who fucked up my life, and the trolls online who gave me grief for two decades.

    I am going through a lot of stress right now. I have some idiot of a social worker not listening to anything I say, my acting career is over because of being slandered, and my mother is seriously unwell.

    So the last thing I need is a jealous bogan like James Berich annoying me. He has never liked the fact I spoke the truth about the Resident Evil games or that I have been in films, so he goes on an envious tirade of abuse.

    The man is absolutely sad. Honestly.
    Oh I can tell.. Who does that?? I have a few contacts in Perth btw and they're no strangers to the police. For a bit of cash I'm sure they'd pay Mr Berich a visit. I messaged Dahila and asked if she's seen what's going on here. She's friends with Ponder on FB I think. I don't know how to contact anyone else, though people have probably been checking and been put off by that maniac. I reckon that's why Ponder's disappeared.

    Anyhoo, I'll check again soon. This site's just a pain in the ass on a mobile, so I avoid it. Try not to stress about it too much -- absolutely nothing will come as a result of his raving. He's just making an ass of himself and wasting his (and others') time. I wish I was looking on a computer so I could see his pics and whatnot more clearly!

    Cheers - Gypsy x

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