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    Peter Ross Anderson

    On 23 January, 1960 the bathyscaphe Trieste successfully voyaged to the bottom of the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench.
    To reach the bottom, the bathyscaphe used a system of controlled negative buoyancy, by balancing the weight of the vessel, the buoyancy of gasoline, and iron pellet ballast to allow it to slowly descend, over a period of nearly 5 hours to the ocean floor.
    On board were two people, Jacques Piccard (son of the boat's designer Auguste Piccard) and US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh. they spent about 20 minutes at the bottom, before slowly ascending again.
    At an estimated depth of 10911 metres, this was the lowest point to which humanity had hitherto sunk. Or at least it was, that is, until almost exactly 26 years later when at 06:33 on 26 January 1986, Peter Ross Anderson slithered out from between his mother's thighs at Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavillion, in Edinburgh, and humanity finally achieved its true nadir.
    Little did Tania and Kenneth Anderson suspect the vile incubus they had unleashed into the world, and the misery and disappointment it would wreak on society; surely if they had, they would have cast the putrid creature into the nearest medical waste bin, before euthanising themselves there and then.
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