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    Peter's Conscience
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    Nov 2021
    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - hoist on its own petard

    Poor Potato
    Quote Originally Posted by Gold MD
    Posted 2 hours ago
    This guy is nuts. But I have emailed them before. I also contacted my local police on numerous occasions.

    On an abandoned anxiety site, he is posting my address and saying disgusting and disturbing things about my family and I.
    Must make a change for Peter to be the one contacting the police, rather than the other way around. Funny isn't it how Peter goes running to the police - you'd think Peter would want to keep that potato head down.
    Apparently it's completely unjustifiable for the police to interfere with Peter's totally reasonable hobbies of assaulting, sexually harassing, stalking, doxing and sending death threats to people but when the shoe is on the other foot it's not so much fun, is it Peter?

    Quote Originally Posted by SCT Guy
    Friday at 9:08 AM
    I used to steal money from the museum. I'd put my hand in the water to kid on I was touching the catfish.
    I see, Peter started early - both the life of crime and the unsolicited touching - assuming the reference is to the fish that used to be in the National Museum of Scotland.
    Either way, a good excuse to repost this:

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    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - Afraid to leave a post up for more than 5 seconds

    Quote Originally Posted by Kakapo View Post
    Shut your face, James.
    Such rapier wit.
    How does the tuberous potatohead manage these cutting jibes.
    Who is James?
    Why didn't Peter quit the internet after Tokyo Game Show as promised?
    Will Peter ever learn to google things so as to get at least one thing right occasionally and not embarrass itself with incorrect definitions?

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    Peter's Conscience
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    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - Easily distracted.

    As a general rule I don't repost Peter unless Peter is being one, more or all of a misogynist, racist, psychopath or a cunt - which is most of the time let's face it - but I found this otherwise innocuous gaming related post amusing.
    Not because of the predictable 0 replies but because of the site Peter is linking to: I feel like I've heard of that site before? Something about someone who works there... I'm sure it'll come back to me at some point....

    Silent Hill: The Short Message
    Thursday at 8:53 AM
    Well-Known Member
    Thursday at 8:53 AM

    This has my interest.
    Silent Hill: The Short Message Has Appeared On The Korean Ratings Board
    Silent Hill: The Short Message Has Appeared On The Korean Ratings Board
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    Peter's Conscience
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    Nov 2021
    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - a true collector

    A bit late with this news, but I see Peter has managed to add another restraining order to its ever growing collection. That we may have helped in any way makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Lets see if the fucknut pays it any more heed than the others.

    For anyone else needing to identify the incel harassing them, or serve Peter with legal notices, a quick reminder:

    Peter Ross Anderson
    2/6 Greendykes house, Greendykes Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4JJ

    Spawned 26/01/1986

    associated email accounts:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Also known as (and this is a mere selection of the ridiculous number of aliases):

    Aniseed Toffee
    Bag of Seeds
    Caffeine Addict
    Candy Stick
    Chocolate Milk
    Crystal vase
    Cwaazy P3nguin
    Da Lonely 1
    Deer Rest FOA
    Draw on the fire!
    Ex-Deputy So & So
    Grace Saunders
    Green Shield
    Gold MD
    Gun Shop Kendo
    H.G. Fan
    Health Drink
    Highland Spring
    Hunter Hunted
    John Rambo
    John Roe
    Johnny Mnemonic
    Mentals Fan 4 Lyfe
    Milky Way Magic Stars
    Oh Range Deuce
    Paul Lee
    Peter A
    Peter SC
    Plane N Sim Pill
    Rambo was a pussy!
    Re Beck Ah Chambers
    Rebecca Chambers
    Rice Pudding
    SCT Guy
    Shield Key
    5wiits 4 Ma 5wiit
    The Non Romero Zombie
    The Saunders child
    The Scottish Pedro
    The Tickle Pig
    thesaunderschild _
    Tommy Walls
    White Rock
    Yahoo Answers

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    Peter's Conscience
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    Nov 2021
    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - From the Archives

    Peter didn't always hate Australians...
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaffeine Monsta
    Topic: Aussie Eva
    March 05, 2014, 08:01:57 pm

    I met this babe earlier today. I've been in bed with a headache because of the Viagra I took, so this is me just reviewing her now. I've created a field report for her, so hopefully it gets approved in due time. :hi:

    I must say, I was totally losing interest in Adult Work because of half the fucking annoying broads on it, but I guess you shouldn't let a few sour grapes spoil a bunch of perfectly ripe, juicy grapes. So "grapes" are my new term for sexy women. Ha!

    She's from Perth and currently working in London. She come to my flat around 11 AM and we had doggy sex right away in her (what she described) little pussy. She said my cock was really big. I hear that a lot, so it's now too bad if I want some anal action as it's getting rarer to gain this service. As usual, my cock wasn't 100% hard. It comes and goes, sadly. But this girl was really nice and understanding, and her accent is so hot. God, is it so hot?

    I asked her to sit on my face and I let her dominate me by rubbing her butt and cunt all over my face. Her cunt juice tasted sweet for some reason.

    Eva even knew a lot of the bands I was singing to. Like, I asked her if she knew Mental As Anything and we were going, if you leave me, can I come too? We can always stay.Etc. :dance: :music:

    This is the first time I've ever fucked an Australian chick, but they are so damn good. I hope she'll be back in Edinburgh this summer.



    I was originally going to book Lily who was only offering anal sex for some reason. I see she's now deleted her account, though. I guess it wasn't meant to be eh?

    Pedro would have owned a bitch. FUCKED IN THE ASS! :wacko:
    Ahem... Quite...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaffeine Monsta
    Topic: I've always wanted to shag an Australian.
    March 09, 2014, 07:20:35 am

    I'd love to see her again. But unfortunately, it's probably not a good idea to get too attached to anyone you have a paid relationship with, whether it's your care personnel, your boss at the office or yes, an escort. Yes, we can have favourites when it comes to the opposite sex and all, which may be taken out of context if you are outright vocally admitting you are fond of them, but they will sadly move on with their lives. I do think it's easy to get quite interested in people you have a close proximity with, including hookers, provided you don't engage with others socially. I doubt you guys are like this, and I wouldn't judge anyone who was.

    I find I get lonely a lot due to being socially inept in a way, and having a soft spot for the wrong sort of people can be problematic. I kind of latched onto my support worker a wee while back, but it's just a job to her to look after me. I was a chancer with one other lady who is also a support worker, so she no longer works with me as I got discontinued from working with her. I have a condition. Won't say any more than that, but you have to watch and not make it obvious you like someone if there are rules and consequences to breaking these rules. So what I'm trying to say is, while I do like Eva, I will be sad when she goes, but life will go on.

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    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - have at it

    Dumb fucker doesn't understand CDNs.
    Trolling on anxietyforum[dot]net
    10 Sep
    There’s this idiot spamming on anxietyforum[dot]net, and when I looked at a who.is, it states Cloudflare[dot]com is “hosting” the site. Not true, obviously.

    Can you let me know who the actual host is for this website? The forum now has hundreds of posts with my name and address splattered in them, because some sad Australian jackass registered heaps of profiles and spammed all over each section. This has went on for almost a year on that site, but he has harassed me on many other forums as well. That’s because the forum has been abandoned.
    Oh noes! Where will Dave post about his wank? (Literally - Dave, please, TMI dude!)
    Good luck with that.
    Fucking hell Peter, do you not think that that was one of the first things I tried?

    On boards where there are proper channels in place, I use them them when you step out of line. Mostly board moderators are reasonable and responsible (though some seem to have given you far too much leeway - is it something about hosting with Matt Worthington that makes people act like dicks?).
    Even on boards where there are no moderators anymore there are occasionally ways and means (shed a tear for Umbrella Inc.), but this shithole seems determined to stay online, for now.
    I thought I'd been pretty fucking clear previously that my overt activity here was very much a last resort, prompted by the absence of any other obvious way to curb you posting your rancid evil shit.

    Well, I say last resort. Not quite the last resort, but the one at the optimal intersection of effort versus effect for now.

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    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - hard of thinking

    Are we sure Peter has english as a first language?
    The dumb fuck seems to have trouble with comprehension.
    (Also, wouldn't an early night be a good idea, given the business in the morning?)
    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A
    15-11-22, 22:55
    Re: This guy is stupid...
    So apparently, to further prove my point about Aussie Jimmy not having a life to brag about, he seemingly makes secret accounts on bunches of forums to not only spy on my posts or peak at my profiles on forums where they are hidden to guests, because I either set it up like that or that's how it is anyway, he contacts moderators on said forums to basically moan about, well, my moaning.

    Uh... that's pretty funny, actually. If it bothers him that much and he would rather do that as opposed to getting laid, hanging out with friends, or whatever, I guess I will just double down on doing it to irritate him to the core. Although I hope he realizes I could just start vlog rants and put these on something like BitChute, where removing content like that is tremendously difficult to achieve.

    Maybe if he kept his trap shut, I wouldn't have clicked on to that. But intelligence isn't one of his strong points.

    He's incredibly easy to predict anyway. Like for example, he's probably going to use one of his stupid alternative profiles to instigate something on that anxiety website, which he will then reply to in a thread with his primary sock puppet account, "PeterAndersonIsARacist." As he has been doing constantly for the past year, by this point.

    He replies to his own crap in the third person, to make it seem like he's replying to someone else's crap. And he thinks using people's real names and information about their whereabouts (flats, parks, and whatnot) makes him hardcore, or something.

    He certainly ain't no tough guy in real life, even if he does visit a firing range. I'm quite sure of that!
    PS: I'd almost forgotten how badly Peter mispronounces "vlog"

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    Peter Ross Anderson is the following:
    - Faggot
    - Retard
    - Incel
    - Worthless piece of shit
    - Criminal
    - Pedophile
    - Woman abuser
    - Rapist
    - Stalker
    - Racist
    - Sexist
    - All other applicable terms that are similiar to the above you can think of
    Peter Ross Anderson's Address:
    2/6 Greendykes House, 14 Greendykes Road
    Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom EH16 4JJ

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    Edinburgh, Scotland and occasionally prison

    Peter Ross Anderson - collecting the edivence

    I don't even have to translate this one - it's delusional comedy gold already.
    Re: Internet forums are dead now...
    thesaunderschild Fri Jan 06, 2023 1:08 am

    This is an obsessed radge pot who lives in Australia, named James. He constantly denies he's from there, but I have proof. I knew him from websites from as far back as 2004 to 2006.

    I happened to see in 2017 that he was asking about a film I was in on the IMDb support forum. How odd...

    I found his post after I looked up the URL, and I wondered why a random guy would be asking about a student film I was in just a matter of days before. Then around 4 months later, he came to Biohaze which is a RE fan site, and called me Grace Saunders when he seemingly recognized me.

    After that, he posted a photo of himself and a dog in the members picture thread. Not long after that, he spammed up a dead forum for relationship advice with multiple creepy posts, and came to other forums as well, including legal advice message boards to leave guest replies.

    He also kept subscribing to my YouTube channels, contacting sex workers about me to give them my name and address, and often went impersonating a guy who was watching my streams, because this follower had a habit of telling me how many likes my videos received. Yet according to the troll's profile on vbulletin.com, he is 36. :roll:

    On Wikipedia and other wikis, he was editing the same pages in order to be tagged to them. Literally kept doing it for 2 years, then he closed the accounts, and kept stalking my contributions on a wiki for horror movies. But he left an IP address from New Zealand on Wikipedia, which was his first boo-boo.

    I then got curious and decided to search for a guy I knew from an old Capcom forum, who I knew was an Aussie. So I found his Twitter profile (with a similar user name to the one from his IMDb enquiry) and the same dog was in his profile. He has denied ever since that he is from Australia, and posts extremely vile and obsessive things about me on an anxiety forum, basically because the only admin on there last logged in nearly a decade ago.

    The same crap, for 6 years. He also has his house and apartment in some videos, which is pretty dumb considering that I was planning on hiring a lawyer in Perth.
    Last edited by PeterAndersonIsARacist; 01-06-2023 at 05:30 PM.

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    Peter Ross Anderson - Leaving the interwebs - Again

    Oh look, it's Peter's monthly flounce:
    Quote Originally Posted by Obsidian Ball
    Random thoughts.
    Today at 5:06 AM
    I'm gonna be abandoning all my online profiles today, due to some lunatic constantly stalking me online, and being a dick. It's been fun, though. No regrets!
    I'm sure potatocunt really, really, really, really, really means it this time.



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