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    Peter Ross Anderson - look at all that personal growth....

    Quote Originally Posted by Kakapo View Post
    She's a scumbag spic. I'm real glad I exposed her lying Latin ass all over those shitty forums, in the past...
    Yes, I really can't see how anyone might mistake Peter for a racist or a mysoginist, when it's clearly all just some sort of fight for justice?

    I wonder what the ghost of Peter Past thoughts were on the subject?
    Quote Originally Posted by Peter A (Banned)
    October 19, 2014, 07:31 PM
    Yes, but I have never intended to hurt them. They are two great women and I love them to pieces. So it hurts not having them around any more. The whole point of me bugging them and moaning to people is because I only wanted to go back to how it was between us prior to losing them. It is that obscure and far into things now in a legal way, that I hardly even know what started what and when. All I know is I am shafted, must do what I am ordered to, or I am finished.

    I will confess that nobody should rule out that possibility of me hurting somebody. I may go cuckoo if I get rejected. That is not fair. Jealous men are dangerous men. You would not want to see me be giving a label like that. It is not me.
    It very much is you Peter - and the court agreed.
    Or how about:

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterHoping44
    20 Sep 2015, 5:14 pm
    OK. I was a jackass and I sent some inappropriate emails, that I got justly punished for. It scared them and I should have known better, but I was really feeling very upset and it was my anger that made me do that.

    I'm not a supporter of racism or sexual harassment against care providers, and yes, maybe I was viewing women as sex objects for a while. Guess the buggery with these cheap hookers and their tight arses was a bit too much fun. Sorry if that sounds crass. But I know I'm capable of loving a woman, for real. It is just that I cannot get a girlfriend because I am unsure of where to look for one.

    All I wanted was a chance with these two support workers, to do better, but they no longer wanted to know me. It was not right that the staff belatedly confessed that the lying was wrong, considering how much I begged prior to being remanded in custody. Their excuses are also pretty lame and well thought out too. Once the court got involved and the court had my number, they made out it was too late, like it were all my fault, when it was just as much theirs.

    Anyway, add up all the Internet crap and the crap with my ex, Laura, then tell me I don't have a right to be wary of deception. The fact that this autism agency went down the same road as them made me realize that no-one can be trusted in life. Sometimes, it takes a real stinger like this scenario you see before you to get that all important wake-up call.
    Underselling yourself there a bit Peter with 'jackass' - more nuclear-grade shitbag.

    Also genuinely curious - how are you able to post on here? I mean you have to solve a captcha to post, and we all know that you are both terminally stupid and incapable of following simple instructions! Do you just click random squares until it goes away?

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    Peter's Conscience
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    Nov 2021
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Peter Ross Anderson

    Of course I'd have loved to have been able to have posted something from this day exactly in 2014 (I know how much Peter enjoys that), but there aren't any - probably because Petey boy was packing his grubby things and heading off for a short two week city break in HMP Saughton.
    Maybe this day the following year - ooops, no, middle of a two month stretch in Barlinnie with the other sex offenders.
    Peter. You should have said something! I'd have got you a card!
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    Peter's Conscience
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    Nov 2021
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Peter Ross Anderson - Making a fresh start.

    I see Peter is trying a fresh start: anyone want to take bets on how long that'll last?
    Jul 18, 2022
    Caffeine Addict

    How's it going?

    Y'all will probably know me from Biohaze.
    and also as
    Mine's Real Butter
    Toe Foo
    Kinky McCaemey
    (how does Peter come up with these - I'm surprised we haven's seen 'Trolly McTrollface" yet)

    Have we forgotten so soon?

    Clearly having run out of forums to be banned form, Peter is now having to get re-banned from forums the fuckwit has previously been banned from (I mean it must have been killing the rancid cuntwomble to have to post all those RE threads on the Devil May Cry forum when there was its sister Resident Evil forum sitting next door, looking all innocent and vulnerable...)
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    Peter, I challenge you to a duel, you son of a bitch!
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    Peter Ross Anderson's Address:
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    Peter Ross Anderson is a paedophile.



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