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    Dave's Dairy

    Coo - ee ee ee ee ee ... No this is not a call from the Dardanelles. If that were me knowing what I know now, I'd be hollering "Go Home & Stay Safe!" Since it's now and the world fights it wars somewhat different, I'd say ... "Do what you feel you must, but be very careful what you choose to beleive!" Choice being the key word. Whilst all the people around me seem to be swept away in a torrent of rights and laws, I choose to reject all forms of said control that are 'forced' upon me. One example is whilst now in Australia we are all subject by law to have a wireless device installed next to our beds, I have found a way to remove said device regardless of said law. For me it is the same with the growing division all things CV - I will take the Jab in the end as certification will soon be required in order to bypass the now entrenched ostracization of those not taking their so called medicine. I will not hold ill will towards those that have. I understand that is exactly what the authors want. Fact is I will eventually be one of them ... but never really in that 'group' as I have done well to divorce myself from such engeniered mentality. Such is what leads to the essence that herds sheep as defined in above image.

    Complexity of Today's Current Social Engineering:
    It's a very complex web but to simplify things, my advice is if you do end up being forced into doing what you don't want to do - to do so believing that you will not become ill. To be sure many will and this does not mean they will die then and there. This is how I will be bending my knee knowing full well we have finally reach an age of compliance of die. A much bigger story that is going on behind the curtain of CV. The extreme of such is not a quick end at all. It's a gradual decline that sees people go without support and essentials. Laughs out loud to consider what food has become today and the availability of what good is left having nothing to do with whether you have a job or not. Which is why I in the end I have decided to take the plunge. That said, I am still waiting for the right time -= one that suits my ability to go into the community and be subject to the conveyer belt which I already struggled with long before this plandemic. I sit in neither camp regarding control freaks, sheep, collaborators/social compliance influencers peddling division which helps spread the fear for those above writing the script/narrative. So much so that the authors/vampires can sit back and let the commodity (food source) squabble among themselves. Lowering the vibration of society with planned intent.

    Doomsday Mentality
    Are not my own musings adding to the conflict? I guess as much as my diary is public but why should we be muzzled from approaching these issues from one side or the other. This now leads me into the ponderings of those who subscribe to the doomsday mentality. I can understand how it is that those who have chosen to see the control aspect as now fully in place whilst fearing death have come to see as they do. For me it is just the same fear as peddled by puppets on the evening news and then of course by drones in social media. One and the same thing. However, like I have said before ... I do find some of the revelations that come from the various self professed truth seekers at least more entertaining the Netflix. Right now Netflix is completely full of shit. One super hero flick after the other which makes me wonder how much more sheepish can we all get? Alas - after watching a The Age of Truth last night ... the best I came up with was to stop caring at all. pick up my sketching pencils and start learning to draw all over again.

    So there you have it. That is my take on all this BS we are experinaceing today. The BS has been going on for a long time and will continue to do so until we all eventually die. So why not in the mean time make the most of what we each have. I figure I will start my own religion. hahahahahahaaa Just kidding - or Not. I let my drawings do the talking once I can actually draw good enough. I'll just do my best to learn how to play along whilst all along having no desire to be part of any group. We all die one way of the other. I find no solace in the bunker mentality. That's not for me either. What happens, happens. Full stop. How I allow myself to feel ... whilst automated to some degree (a lot) small changes in the programming certainly helps. That's why learning to reprogram, disengage and so on is important to me.

    Humor is important. this morning I knock on my daughter bedroom door. "Hello? You still here Darl?" No response??? I knock again - KNOCK KNOCK ... still nothing??? I then begin sobbing at the door and say in a high pitched Monty Python manner "Oh Noooo ... Noooo, not now please noooooo" - Pause - "All I wanted to do was ask if you wanted a cup of coffee!" ... then continues sobbing ...

    Daughter: Starts Laughing.

    She has been saying how much she wants to kill herself at the moment. (I totally get how she feels feels) Not long out of the psych ward. I have another friend who is currently still in.

    Humor is important!

    Anyone is welcome to join, completely ignore and or say anything you like. My shit is just mine - having a place to take a dump is a must. I guess that is the next restriction coming to a place near you!

    Adios - Until next post. I'm sure they will smell better after a few more goes! Another textual detox before turning into a nice shiny compliant civilian. Srry - I'm not so easy to iron out.
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