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    Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal. Very interesting article that explains a lot. The algortytm/s are set to become even more controlling and will not be easing up anytime soon. Is getting harder for me to find content that offers up anything different than the usual garbage that those in control don't mind us seeing.

    In other news ...

    I've been asked to build a $6,000,au Computer. Just the box! This should be fun. That's about what I spent on mine when I got my small payout a couple of years ago. I'm not sure now is a good time to buy as prices are very high. Unfortanley just like with the controls on speech, I don't think we are returning to that previous world. I best start making a list. If I am quick about it and he can order the parts sooner than later, we can build it together when we go away next month. lucky bastard! hehe. At any rate this will be a fun project I can start today.

    That's about it ... I should go for a ride though and get some sun.
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