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    Thumbs down I finished with my lawyer...

    As to why: Well, imagine your lawyer says to you that he'll tell the court that people slandered you, then he or she doesn't speak up. Yeah. This was what my lawyer was always like.

    Anyway, I've had a lot of personal problems for years because of two support workers I had years ago, called Joanna and Sara. Yet other people pester me too, like trolls online. I've also had people involved with films, screwing me out of being an extra. I've also lost money.

    To be honest, I reckon I'll just have to represent myself. It's a mess either way. But I know it's an uphill struggle. It really is so annoyiing. I don't know much about aspects of the law, and civil case lawyers charge too much for their service. It's so awkward. I bet you can tell I'm fed up by this point.

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    That was not a good idea. Also, the title seems a little scary or disturbing.

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    Comes down to perspective and subjectivity Enthydr. I'm hoping you come back to my thread by the way. Takes time to temper out answers that are anywhere near tangible. That is to say ongoing dialogue which many of us tend to drop when it rubs us up the wrong way. I say just keep on trying if there is an inkling in one's heart to go that way.

    Hey There Pedro. I know this post is getting on now, but I can say I remember it well enough whenever it was that I skimmed over the listings. Self representation can work but it seems you understand that drain. For me it involved one of my sons therefore I felt it was a must to sack the assigned lawyers to my case and go out on my own. Whilst on the surface many told me I was mad, my resolve in doing a lot of work won out in the end. I got custody of my son, although the system being what it was had that deluded victory being too later to be of any good. Yet is did teach me a lot and the skills I learned ended up doing a lot of other people good from some of the services both my wife went on to create.

    So it is that thing are more often than not purely subjective when it comes to ones self knowing which way they should go. I went with my heart and accepted the fear. Often its the fear that tells us what to do if we listen hard enough. On the surface it's meant to put people off, but beneath it lay answers that may make letting go not such a bad thing but only so new doors open. Yea yea ... too esoteric I guess. I found out you actually get quite a lot of latitude being self resented and can make useful moves that the lawyers can not. With some help I learned about those kind of things and used it to my advantage by playing that game.

    Anyways - everyone's case/journey is different with different ingredients. Is not for me to say really - Just sharing some essence is all whilst trying to remain supportive.

    I understand well our negative tones and encourage you to listen to them.

    Sorry I did no response when it mattered more.

    Hope your still gaming and doing the odd vid - or just feeling a little more relieved than what spawned this post.

    Let us know how things worked out.

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    As you can tell by the letter I posted, it's clear who this guy roots for. My lawyer really needed to do more explaining in court about how that Nicolette McKeown and others, defamed me.

    Yeah, I get free legal aid. So what? Lawyers should at least explain about what the opposition did in the first place. Or what is the point in having a lawyer like that, who says nothing?

    But it's 8 years too late to do anything about him now...



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