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    Good morning world. So far so good with no moaning and groaning. I can't say it's not going to happen but thus far I have done well to ride with the pain. Point and Case to Acceptance. I know how it is that the latter is more often than not viewed as a case of allowing one self to be imprisoned. That being in reference to the more accepted take on giving in. It does not have to be that way. Similar principles can be adopted as a way to letting go in order to win. Yet in the light of burning desire, when knees begin to buckle there is a presence that instills a sense albeit fleeting, of how peace of mind can be obtained through the act of no resistance. Worth noting this comes from a guy who has been fighting all his life. Which of us has truly not? It's all in the language we choose to use and the tone in which we allow ourselves to sit. The conflicting words here being Choice & Control. That still not being enough when knowing I still have such abilities in my lowest of lows. Yet despite those fleeting insights I tend towards that predisposition that's been conditioned through whatever means. The insanity that comes from resistance is forever binding to say the least yet spun so tantalizing. That which savours addiction to pain and suffering living off delusions of comfort. It is for this reason I've endured long bouts of sustaining myself in a sea of quick fixes offered up in fanciful stories that thrives off feted emotion. It is no wonder regardless of obtaining whatever that we continue to overindulge. Yet pain and suffering does have a limit. I currently sit on the outer limits choosing my words carefully seeking that fleeting presence that I have known to instill peace. Freedom from impulse to say the least. I wonder if I have betrayed myself in my attempt to express as much?

    Have a good day / evening guys.

    ------ When all else fails - head for the sea & don't look back ------
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