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    Yup - you nailed that dead on from my view. It's one shit storm after another and when others start with the balloon blowing covered in rainbows and silver linings, well all that kind of falls short, don't it? lol I really don't know how people in the America survive from what I understand of their so called 'value system.' If things start to get tough here, I need only remined myself of just how much more harder it is in other countries. I almost feel guilty when I hear how tough things are elsewhere. I can't remember if you ever said what part of America you live Sal? It is America right? You said something about how the policies and administration of basic benefits changes massively depending what government gets in? Like next to no consistency? Understand if you don't want to mention it and sorry if I speak out of line.

    Today I was messing around with hardware monitoring tools. After installing a display in a temporary location on my PC case - I am still designing different monitoring background for varioius lighting themes. This way instead of overlaying the information on my games and rendering programs - I can just take a glance over at my PC Case to see what is going on. The readouts need resizing, adding and taking away ... still playing with it all really.

    Sal - I apologize for my irritation in here of late. Not sure if you know what I mean, but with my wife's court case going on, my tolerance has been low. That said, we are feeling very confident about a win. Just peeved about the unnecessary cost re the baseless claims. Sigh. I hope we both find a burst of energy soon enough. Sending you all the good vibes I have left. hehe ... will save just enough to keep sending more. Your a good friend to keep popping in and I do care about how you and a few of the others in here are doing from day to day.
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