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    Thumbs down Anybody know of findom?

    These women who are into that, are so greedy. Avoid them. One of them was supposed to send me a custom video after I sent her the payment.

    A few weeks went by and I didn't hear zip. She claimed her messaging system was down. Well, I wasn't inclined to believe that. What followed was a barrage of abuse.

    As far as I know, you cannot even send out bulk messages on platforms like AdmireMe anyway. That's how I know she made up an excuse.

    There's a website called AdultWork.com and it's a minefield. The women are egotistical. Many of the profiles are scams. They actually disabled RT bookings due to the pandemic, but I have used that website for years with little success. However, the site itself looks attractive, and it's the best one of its sort. Even saying that though, is hard. So many people waste your time on there and they aren't interested in chatting to you for free. Now, I get that time is money and whatnot, but they just aren't friendly whatsoever.

    They say that "men are trash" and crap like that. Talk about sexist and self-centred. Ladies hate it when guys say these type of things, but it's apparently okay for them to do it. Yeah, right.

    Even if they aren't all right upstairs, they're all extremely disrespectful and soulless regardless. Money should be earned, but they act so entitled about everything, while believing men need to follow their every command. Mollycoddled and materialistic, much?




    That last one claimed to be homeless, while her neighbour and friend who does findom too, seemingly tried to commit suicide once. Gee, did her folks kick her out for being a snotty brat?

    These dominatrix types are the same. I messaged one from Canada, who refers to herself as Mistress Imara, but she looks half Chinese. She claims she lost her mother, or something. They've all clearly hit rock bottom. They'll try to say everything they do is meant to be consensual, but all it is really, is legal violence. They blame the rest of the world for their suffering, when in reality, it's a way of life.

    I always did say social media and the Internet in general is toxic and chaos. It makes otherwise well endowed individuals into absolute morons. In fact, receiving insults the way they openly dish out, really causes one's self-esteem to plummet.

    People like that will die alone. Then again, I am quite lonely myself. But it's so disheartening seeing gorgeous women like that making idiots of themselves. And I even told them that, only to have it fall on deaf ears because they are immature and arrogant.

    I know you cannot help everybody. But seriously. The Internet is a big problem these days in our modern society. Technology is rotten people's minds. Granted, it can be argued that every generation has its share of nasty people, but it's such a shame when a person like me, who has mental health issues, has to endure being mistreated like that by these losers.

    It really is sad, so I hope they gain the emotional support they need...

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    Oh, sounds like you dealt with scammers. Not that I know Findom, but I know scammers. Don't just trust anyone when it comes to money. Thanks for the heads up though.

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    Red face

    Well, technically, guys do this for "kicks" or something. These women don't care about men, though. They just expect Pay Pigs and Sugar Daddies to cough up the cash, regardless of anybody's mental state or financial difficulties. That's why they give the word Woman a bad reputation, as a lot of women really aren't like that. You just have to look hard to find them.

    Vets. Scientists. Doctors. Caregivers. Firefighters. They're the real ladies. But these so-called women don't belong in this category.

    They're all reject losers with an attitude problem anyway, especially that missmalicex, who hides her Tweets like a coward. Rather than go to college or get a job, they prefer to get fat. Physically, and intellectually too.

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    They're everywhere, these scammers. A lot of people, women for that matter want easy money. I don't know. Somehow, I think social media has a lot to do with this. They gave people the idea that women can do anything because they have the beauty and the b*obs, sorry for the term. Can't stop them.

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    This one looks pretty enough, I suppose. But please know that one's beauty is only skin deep.


    EDIT: What do you think of her partner in crime?

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