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Thread: Naltrexone

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    So I've developed a drinking problem since the pandemic started. I've actually had it for years, but it's coming out full force now. My question is has anyone been on this medication before to stop drinking? Anxiety related because that's why I drink.

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    Hi Penny

    I'm sorry to hear you're struggling right now. You're not alone, I read addiction has increased overall as a result of the pandemic. Speaking personally; it was difficult for me, I had a very brief relapse last June, but luckily, It didn't continue. It took great strength and determination in me. I drank almost 12 years of my life away with little memory of it. I went from heavy drinker (as well as other substance(s) abuse) to sitting here at almost 48 years old clean and sober. You CAN do it! It won't be easy especially when in "full force". Please don't think I'm preaching - I'm not - just truly care that is all.

    Unfortunately.. Naltrexone is typically prescribed following detoxification.

    "Alcohol dependence or alcoholism requires a combination of different treatment options including detox, medication, therapy, and self-care. Naltrexone also known under the brand names Vivitrol and Revia is a medication given after detox from alcohol. It works on gradually decreasing the desire for alcohol. There are, however, many assumptions and criticisms around this drug such as although Naltrexone has been used to treat alcohol use disorder, it can be harmful to the liver. This article is a comprehensive guide to using naltrexone for alcoholism, its side effects and how to properly use it. It also discusses the criticisms around using Vivitrol for alcoholism."
    You may have to consider going through the detoxification process either by going to rehab or doing it on your own. Speaking from my experience, after being hospitalized for severe alcohol poisoning in 2017, it was then I decided to seriously work on my sobriety. My body has suffered from my addiction(s) and I have to live with the consequences. I don't wish to scare you, only to help you before the damage is done. You can do it on your own, but I would recommend getting some help from a professional. We need to get your anxiety under control, since as you said its anxiety driven.

    I (truly) wish you well. Just never give up/in.


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